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  The End of Chinese Takeout Cravings: Yummy, Yummy, Eggrolls

Gluten Free Snack Recipes  

Any time your husband uses the phrase “pink foam” to describe part of the meal you just served him, you know it’s not a good night. So, tonight’s supper will not be making it into a post any...

  The Linguistic Challenges of Slicing an Avocado

Lessons & Articles  

When I posted my recipe for Black Olive Hummus I mentioned that I love hummus sandwiches with sliced avocado, tomato and lettuce. Amy B asked how one should go about slicing an avocado, so I took a few pictures to...

  A Gift For My Dear Readers, and This Week’s Menu

Gluten Free Menus  

I promised you a surprise for this weekend and I’ve finally gotten it finished. If you’ll look at the top of my blog (RSS and email readers, click here to visit the blog) you’ll see a new tab...

  Fresh Blueberry Scones – Gluten Free, Casein Free

Gluten Free Bread Recipes Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes  

A few weeks ago I posted a lesson on How to Make Gluten Free Scones Like a Bakery. Several of you asked for my scone recipe, so I made it again this weekend so that I could take pictures for the post. It was a close...

  Gluten Free Menu – July 14th

Gluten Free Menus  

I hadn’t planned on posting my menu for the week since I didn’t finish it until lunch today. But just looking at the list makes me happy so I thought I’d share. All of the meals that are not linked...

  Black Olive Hummus: A Quick, Frugal Gluten Free Snack

Gluten Free Snack Recipes Gluten Free Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes  

Black Olive Hummus is my fall-back recipe when we need a quick appetizer. We always keep chickpeas and olives on hand and I can whip up a batch of this in less than five minutes for a hungry babe or hungry guests.

  How to Use Bean Flours

Lessons & Articles  

I broach this topic knowing three things: 1. Most Americans would shudder at the idea  of eating beans on a regular basis and thus, do not know how to cook beans. 2. Beans have a bad reputation and are oft involved...

  An Asian Inspired Menu

Gluten Free Menus  

Sometimes a girl just needs some indulgence time. And after a week of everyone being sick with high fevers, that’s what I’m hoping this coming week will be. I really want to curl up on the couch with a...

  Diabolically Deviled Eggs

Gluten Free Side Dish Recipes Gluten Free Snack Recipes  

Kate at Gluten Free Gobsmacked is hosting a virtual Gluten Free BBQ and I’m invited! The menu goes from A to Z, and in a moment of uncertainty I used a random number generator to pick “D” for my...

  How to Make Gluten Free Scones Like a Bakery

Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes Gluten Free Dessert Recipes  

One of my favorite things about scones is their shape. There’s just something about that wedge that makes a scone something more than a slightly sweet biscuit. A lot of the scones recipes that I’ve found...


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