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Customer Service

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked customer service questions. If you don’t find what you need here, please send me an email.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

All purchases from GFCS are fully refundable within the first thirty (30) days. Simply email us and we will refund your purchase price if we cannot quickly resolve your issue with the product. Please allow two business days for the initial response as our customer service desk is not manned around the clock.

Subscriptions to our cooking school can be canceled at any time, and we will refund any payments made in the last 30 days if requested. Simply email us and we will refund your purchase price if we cannot quickly resolve your issue with the product. Please allow two business days for the initial response as our customer service desk is not manned around the clock.

Class registration fees for Gluten Free Mess to Mastermind are not refundable. However, and I think more importantly, the results of the class are guaranteed. If you’ve completed all of the course work and have not been able to attain the guaranteed results then I will work with you one one one, either by email or through a live video season to help you complete the course.

Gluten Free Kitchen memberships may be canceled at any time, however your most recent payment will not be prorated if you terminate between payments.

Downloading GF Survival Kit and Cooking Class Purchases

1. If you have purchased a copy of our Gluten Free Survival Guide, you will receive download instructions by email almost immediately after the purchase. The email will be from “GFCS”. These download instructions will be sent to the email address that is associated with your Paypal account or that you entered at the time of purchase, if you used a debit/credit card. If you don’t see the email in the inbox, then check the Junk Mail folder.

2. The download links are only active for a limited number of days and download attempts, so if you’re past that window and need me to send you a new link, send me an email.

3. To download the ebook, click on the link in the email I mentioned in FAQ #1. Clicking on this link will redirect you to a webpage, where you should click on the words “Click here” to start the download. Be sure to note where your computer is saving the downloaded file.

4. This is not a common problem, but sometimes the download times out before the download is completed. That’s why you get multiple download attempts. The usual reason for a failed download is a slow internet connection (even DSL runs slower in the evenings) or a slow computer. Rather than trying the download 5 times in immediate succession – try again a few minutes or a few hours later.  If you haven’t rebooted your computer in a few days, reboot and try the download again.

Also be sure to note where you computer is saving the downloaded files. Some computers saves downloads to a temp file, which are notoriously hard to find. I like to save downloads to my desktop, so that they are very easy to find.

If needed, I can reset your download link or can send you the file by email.

Downloading to Kindle, iPad, or iPhone

1. Our Gluten Free Survival Guide ebook is rather low-tech. You don’t have to have an ebook reader (like a Kindle or Nook) to read it.  The Kit is made up of a single .pdf file so you can read it on your computer, Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, and other similar devices.

If you want to read  the ebook on your Kindle, follow the instructions provided with your Kindle for transferring the files. This can usually be easily accomplished by email or USB. The Amazon website has full details.

Cooking School Subcription Members:

1. If you’ve forgotten your password to the Gluten Free Cooking School, go to and click on the “Forgot Password?” link underneath the login area.

2. If you would like to cancel your membership in the Gluten Free Cooking School online classes, then read this post to see how to cancel the subscription in Paypal.

Newsletter Readers

1. If you’ve just signed up for the newsletter and can’t find the Menu Plan or Top 10 Recipes list, they are in the last paragraph of the Welcome letter.

2. If you’d like to unsubscribe from the weekly newsletter or change the email address to which it’s being sent, click on the “To Unsubscribe or Change Subscriber Option” link at the bottom of each newsletter

3. If you unsubcribe from the newsletter as directed in #2, but you continue to receive emails, please email me so that I can manually delete you from the list and complain to the appropriate people.