What the heck is masa harina?

Last night's supper, including everyone's favorite homemade GF corn tortillas.

This post is going to be about masa harina and how to use it in a gluten free diet. But first I have a story. When we first started traveling full-time we spent several months in the Hill Country northwest of San Antonio. We were in a small town – so small that the grocery […]

Can I Use Yeast In Gluten Free Bread?

I’ve received a few questions about yeast lately, and as I began to type a response to one in Facebook, I decided that it would be just as easy to put the answer into a quick post, so that all of you could benefit. Here’s the first question: I have a question about yeast. Is […]

Homemade Bone Broth For The Busy GF Mom

My first year of adult life was lived out in a cozy little apartment, where I alternately studied tax law, read Food & Wine, and indulged in all of the gourmet cooking that I wanted. Memories of my first batch of chicken stock include lifting the lid off of a steaming vat of broth every […]

Misconceptions About Measuring Flour

Since I started giving away my two newest bread recipes last week, I’ve gotten a few emails asking why the heck the recipes is in grams. (If you haven’t gotten a copy of the recipes, just give me your contact info in the sidebar form, and I’ll send one right to you) It seems like […]

Chicken Panang Curry


How do you describe the joy that results when you finally recreate your most favorite restaurant meal ever? John and I went met at college in Birmingham and eating at the various Surin restaurants as we moved throughout the city was one of the constants of our dating and married life for the 13 years we were in Birmingham. I remember eating there with John, and my Dad and David the night before Grant was born. And then us all celebrating Grant’s 1 year birthday there with my parents a couple of weeks before Lu was born.

Chocolate Chip Cookies From Scratch – Finally

A Midnight Snack of GF Chocolate Chip Cookies

Saturday is my baking day and our day for indulging in recipes that are too indulgent to eat every day. The baking generally starts the moment I awake continues throughout the day. Our Saturday activities have to be planned in terms of what we want to have dinner. “Do you want to go on a […]

The Grain Free Version of Arroz Con Pollo

Coliflor con Pollo

In order to have some chance at keeping a trim, girlish figure, I limit our indulgent recipes to Saturdays. The problem with this is that I often want to indulge a bit on Friday night, say with dinner out at a Mexican restaurant. To keep myself away from the baskets of chips, I created this […]

How To Make Sausage At Home (or Not!)


Breakfast sausage is one of those products that I’m never fully comfortable buying. Most of the ground sausages at the grocery store aren’t labeled gluten free, are not very specific in their labeling. There’s is always a niggling doubt that the sausage is not gluten free I was perusing Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything […]

Strawberry Tarts


I am always looking for new gluten free breakfast options, and these gluten free, casein free, strawberry pastries are an upscale, decadent version of the toaster pastries that most of us grew up with. Read the story of how they came to be. As I looked through the rather bare cupboards of our RV, I […]

9 Ways To Get Out of A Cooking Rut

Some days I just Don’t. Want. To. Cook. Anymore. However the hungry people in my house do not go away. That’s a good thing, so I just have to hoist myself out of the cooking rut. In this post are 9 ideas, or levers, that I’ve used to get myself back on to a smooth […]