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That Loaf of Bread Was Awesome! Reader Feedback About Gluten Free Bread 101

I always love hearing from readers and students who have read my book, baked one of my recipes, or taken a cooking class. Getting feedback from people who are learning to go gluten free is invaluable.
I wanted to let you know what some of my students have had to say about the Gluten Free Bread: 101 class. I think it’s the best resource available for people who want to learn to bake GF bread, and I think the readers below would tell you the same thing.

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The process of making the bread was awesome after watching the video. It rose beautifully! Worked perfect!!! Awesome loaf of bread!!!

– Diana

After joining the cooking class and watching the video, I jumped right in and made my first loaf…

I am truly enjoying eating it right now. It has a wonderful flavor and my daughter says you can’t really tell there is no wheat. I will definitely keep making this bread recipe.

Thank you, Mary Frances, for everything you do. Your recipes have given me confidence in going gluten free.

– Cecilia

I have just signed up for the bread baking classes. I must say the video was really enlightening. My dough never looked like that which explains my door-stop loaves and cave-in’s. I’m looking forward to making something edible on a regular basis.

I’m happy to be gluten free now, and might even convert my son and hubby if things come out okay now and then. Imagine being able to make one meal everyone can eat!

– Sharon

While loving to cook, I have never been a baker… I am dying to make bread. I joined the bread 101 class and watched the video. I am SOOOOOO excited that I could actually see what the dough was supposed to look like. I NEED THAT!

My bread machine came today and I am intimidated just looking at the box. Sites like Mary Frances’ make me hopeful.

– Jordyn (before her first loaf of bread)

The video demonstration was a LIFE SAVER. To have a visual for the consistency of the dough was amazing. It helped even more to see you blend it when it was in it’s final state, so that I could make sure my dough was blending exactly like yours.

– Jordyn (shortly after her first loaf)

Hi! I’m Jennifer… My 8 year old was diagnosed with celiac early this year.

GFCS has been a lifesaver for me. I’ve always been a great cook & baker and going GF has thrown me for a loop! I made my first loaf of Finally Really Good Sandwich Bread one night a couple of weeks ago and I almost cried, it was so good!

It was done at about 11pm, and I tried to wake up my celiac girl to eat some LOL! Even my picky hubby said it was better than regular bread!

I’ve taken to making two loaves every Sunday for us to have throughout the week for toast & sandwiches. This Sunday, I plan on doing a Cinnamon Raisin loaf because that’s one of our favorite glutenous breads for breakfast 🙂

– Jennifer

The taste of your bread was heavenly! Had a lovely ham sandwich, the first for many months!

– Rosemary

Special Offer: Get Gluten Free Bread: 101 For Only $27

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If you’re on the fence about buying Gluten Free Bread: 101 and have some questions about it, feel free to get in touch with me. You can just hit Reply on this email to send me a message.

The Gluten Free Email Course will continue shortly. We’ll take a deeper look at cooking all sorts of delicious gluten free foods!

— Mary Frances