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Wrapping Up The Gluten Free Email Course

I’m sorry to say that this is the end of the Gluten Free Email Course. I’ve had a lot of fun sending you all these emails, and it’s great to hear all of the feedback that I’ve been getting on it.Did you find the emails helpful? Is there anything that you would like to see included in the course? Anything that needs more attention or further discussion? You can always get in touch with me here, or just hit reply to send me an email.

A couple of things before we go:

1) At the start of the Email Course, I promised you the Top 10 Recipes from my blog when you made it all the way through. You can download those recipes here – Top 10 GF Recipes (PDF). (Right-click and Save As to save a copy on your computer.)

When you’ve cooked a few of them, let me know how they’re turning out!

2) If you’d like to subscribe to my main newsletter list, just click here. I usually send out 2 or 3 newsletters a month, so much less frequently than you’ve been getting them so far.

If you want to get updates from my blog, and new recipes that I come up with, make sure to subscribe!

Thanks for reading, and I hope the Email Course has made going gluten free less stressful and more do-able for you!