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Learn to Make A Gluten Free Gingerbread House!

Much of the joy of the holiday season comes from spending time with the ones you love. It gets even better when you can spend time with the ones you love AND bake delicious treats.

Making gingerbread houses is a wonderful holiday tradition. It’s a great holiday project for kids because you work on it stages over several days. Your kids will love to help you trace the pattern, mix the dough, and cut out the gingerbread.  And, they’ll just be giddy about the prospect of decorating their gingerbread house with candy.

If you’ve never made a Gingerbread House with your family because of food allergies, then this is the year to start a new holiday family tradition. Gluten Free Cooking School’s Gingerbread House Class gives you everything that you need to make a gluten free, casein free, Gingerbread House with your kids this year.

Start With A Plan

Making a Gingerbread House is not a project for one afternoon. There are several different steps and I will walk you through all of them. The cooking class includes a Gingerbread House Primer that will give you an overview of all of the steps (including important tips and tricks)

Watch A Gingerbread House Being Built
Watch me bake and build a Gingerbread House too.  If you’ve never made a Gingerbread House before, you’ll appreciate being able to see what the dough is supposed to look like.

Royal Icing is the glue for gingerbread houses and you’ll need to make it from scratch.  The consistency of the icing is so important! The cooking demonstration video will show you how to make Royal Icing and you’ll be able to see how thick the icing should be.

What’s Included:

Learn Tips and Tricks

The Gingerbread House primer and the Cooking Demonstration include neat tips and tricks that will make the baking and construction of your Gingerbread House easier. Learn how to avoid engineering catastrophes – especially when you’re baking with little kids.

Allergy Friendly Recipes – Rice Free , Nut Free & Egg Free Options

All of the recipes in this class are gluten free and casein free. I’ve included two flour options for the gingerbread dough. Flour Option #1 includes brown rice flour, corn or tapioca starch, sorghum flour, and masa harina (corn). Flour Option #2 is a rice-free mix that includes garfava flour, corn or tapioca starch, almond flour, and masa harina.

Although Royal Icing is traditionally made with egg whites (in this class I use meringue powder to avoid raw egg whites), you can also make the icing with egg replacement powders.  So, this class will work for those with egg allergies as well.

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