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By Mary Frances Pickett

Gluten Free Cheese Pizza

I have never understood cheese pizzas. There are so many delicious toppings, why would you not use them? I don’t expect everyone to like some of the wacky combos that we come up with, like sesame eggplant and onion with tzatziki sauce, but why would you not add a few veggies or meats? Well, I have to say I’ve figured it out. Our newest Friday night tradition is two thin-crust gluten free cheese pizzas. It’s so simple – just tomato sauce, mozzarella and cheddar, but, oh my goodness, it may be the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.

By this Friday our newest little one will have made an entrance into the world, so our weekly pizza feast may have to wait a few days. But if you’d like to throw your own pizza party in our honor,scroll to the bottom of the post for some tips on making the perfect gluten free pizza.

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Those of you who are new to the gluten free diet are probably just glad to hear that there is such a thing as mouthwatering gluten free pizza. You can stop buying the incredibly expensive and incredibly gross frozen gluten free pizzas and start making your own. If the thought of rolling out a pizza crust terrifies you, then try this gluten free pizza recipe, where you just pat the pizza dough into the pan. If you’d rather roll the dough out so that you can cook it on a pizza stone, then try my recipe for gluten free pizza crust.

Check back soon for pictures of the new baby and pictures and posts of all of the yummy gluten free foods that we’re cooking. I’ve come up with a new biscuit recipe that is a perfect recipe for kids to help out with, and I’m hoping to do some more yeast roll experiments if Baby L makes us wait a few more days.

Five Tips for a Gluten Free Pizza Party:

  1. If at all possible, pre-bake your crust on a hot pizza stone (just until it’s golden on top). The extra time in the oven, makes for a crisper crust.
  2. Buy your pizza sauce, so that you can spend your time on prepping a few fresh pizza toppings. And have fun, a cheese pizza is great, but there really are so many possibilities.
  3. Involve your family or friends. Whether it’s just family for supper, or you’ve invited a bunch of friends, you can have a lot of fun by letting everyone make their own pizzas. David is almost four now, and he loves to roll the pizza crusts out (with help from me) and sprinkle his toppings on.
  4. Put Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes on the table, so that it feels like you’ve gone out for restaurant pizza. Get special cups and straws for the kids so that it feels like a special meal.
  5. Make it a real party and let everyone have their beverage of choice. For us this means soy milk for David, Pomegranate Italian Soda for me (the major craving of this pregnancy), and gluten free Redbridge beer for John.

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