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By Mary Frances Pickett


An Introduction to Gluten Free Alchohol

A gluten free diet does not mean you have to give up alcohol. Even though the majority of traditional beers and some hard liquors contain wheat, there is a growing variety of gluten free alcoholic beverages on the market. We’ll introduce you to some of the brands, give you an idea of the types of alcohol available and what to avoid as well as a few shopping tips. With the holidays around the corner it will be great to have a gluten free alcohol list so you can enjoy a holiday toast without the worry.

Gluten Free Alcohol Brands

Purchasing gluten free hard alcohol can be a challenge since most manufacturers do not advertise whether or not they are gluten free. The best way to get a confirmation about whether or not your favorite alcoholic beverages contain gluten is to check the manufacturer’s website. If the information isn’t listed there, try sending their customer service department an email. Most are happy to reply and can send you the details about the specific products you inquire about.

Here is a partial list of brands and beverages that are gluten-free:

  • Gin -Gordon’s, Booths, Tanqueray
  • Scotch – Jonnie Walker, Seagram’s 7, George Dickel, Crawford’s
  • Tequila – Jose Cuervo Especial, Classical and Tradicional
  • Rum – Captain Morgan (not the flavored malt beverages however)
  • Vodka – Smirnoff, Smirnoff Black, Tanqueray, Gordon’s, Popov
  • Schnapps – Rumple Minze Peppermint, Black Haus Blackberry

Gluten Free Beer

Gluten Free Beer has been traditionally made from barley, a gluten containing grain, which is off limits to those following a gluten free diet. In recent years more brewers are introducing amazing brews made from gluten free grains. You can find buckwheat, sorghum, millet and rice based brews thanks to the many microbreweries around the country. There are even a few macrobreweries jumping on the gluten free bandwagon. Here is a partial list of brands that offer gluten free beer:

  • Bard’s Tale – Their Golden Dragon Lager is gluten free and is brewed from sorghum
  • Lakefront Brewery – Their New Grist beer is brewed from hops, sorghum, water and rice and has won awards from the Gluten Free Beer Festival.
  • Anheuser-Busch – This macrobrewery introduced the Redbridge Beer in 2006.
  • Ramapo Brewery – Their Honey Beer is a popular beer and is also Kosher Certified.

As you start to look for gluten free alcohol you’ll see how much variety is out there. Whether your preference is beer or hard alcohol you’re sure to find a few products that you enjoy. If you become familiar with the different brands when you go out you’ll be able to order with confidence. Your best bet for finding a good selection is your local liquor store for hard alcohol. Many grocery stores are now carrying a selection of gluten free beers. Of course you can always find what you need online. Drink up and enjoy!



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