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By Mary Frances Pickett

Cooking Class FAQ

October 17, 2011

If you haven’t taken an class from Gluten Free Cooking School yet, take a few minutes to peruse this FAQ and see what it’s all about.

Q: What does Gluten Free Cooking sell? An ebook? Cooking classes?Both?

A: Gluten Free Cooking School does sell an ebook and several different virtual/online gluten free cooking classes. That doesn’t really tell you much, but its a place to start.

When you buy my ebook, you’re getting exactly the same advice that you would get if we were friends and you came to me for help with a gluten free diet and we sat down at my kitchen table and talked for hours. (In fact, if you buy the audio version you CAN hear me talk for hours!) If you are depressed about being gluten free, or struggling to stay gluten free, then

When you buy one of our cooking classes, I’ll teach you how to cook and bake delicious gluten free foods – the same ones that my family loves. I would love to stand right beside each one of you and teach you how to bake bread, just like my grandmother taught me to cook years ago. But, there’s not enough of the physical “me” to go around, so we’ve encapsulated the teaching that I would do in person into a virtual/online class.

Q: Where and when are your gluten free cooking classes?

A: Alright, this is the really great part. My classes are wherever you are.

You can take my classes regardless of whether you live in in Australia, or South Africa, or the United States. You can take my classes at night, or in the morning, or while you’re kids nap. My cooking classes are not time or location specific because you download most of the course content to your computer and then view the videos online. You can take any of my classes from the comfort of you own home.

Q: When I buy a class, how often or how long may I use the material? May I watch the video(s) over and over?

A: With any of the classes that you buy, you can use the material as many times (and as often) as you like. The course content consists of a .pdf file that contains all of the articles and recipes for the class as well as the links to the online videos. You’ll work through the course contents in the order described in the introduction, at whatever pace works for you. And you can watch the videos as often as you like. You can even pause them, and come back later to finish them if you need to.

Q: I think I read somewhere on your site that the cost of a class also includes follow- up questions with you — is that correct?

A: Yes, it is! Learning to cook and bake requires conversation. Even in an in-person cooking class, there is limited time for questions and interaction. But with an on-line/virtual class we can make use of all sorts of online tools to facilitate discussion and learning. Each person who buys a cooking class from Gluten Free Cooking School will have the opportunity to discuss the lesson with me and other students and get ongoing support. Since these tools change from time to time, all details are included in the course content.

Q: I’ve taken cooking classes before and they cost much more than you are charging. How and why are your prices so low. . . especially for a gluten free bread baking class?!?

A: You’re right. The prices on my classes are ridiculously low considering that (1) they cover a specialty topic, (2) you can take them whenever you want and at whatever pace you want, and (3) you get ongoing interaction with me and the other students.

In-person cooking classes typically cost at least $100 for each session and I should probably charge more than that for a gluten free cooking class. However, I want these classes to be affordable for everyone that needs to be on a gluten free diet. So I will keep prices at a level that I think are reasonable. Depending on your budget, you might have to save up to buy the particular class that you want….but the prices are within reach of most people.

Q: I’ve never taken an online cooking class? How does that work and what is included?

A: Great question! When you buy an online cooking class from Gluten Free Cooking School you’re buying a unique learning experience. Once you work through the course content you’ll have learned how to make a one or more gluten free recipes that I’ve personally developed and tested. During the course you’ll read articles (that I wrote just for that class) that explain everything you need to know to successfully bake the recipes. You’ll also watch videos of me cooking each of the recipes – you’ll see exactly how I do it and how the recipe should look at each stage.

Q: I have to be gluten free, but I also have other food allergies and intolerances. Will your classes work for me?

A: Maybe! Each of the classes has it’s own informational page on our website, and on each class’ page I list all of the ingredients for each recipe. So, before you buy a class you can check and see whether the recipes will work for your particular dietary needs. Here are the links to the informational pages for Gluten Free Bread 101 and Gluten Free Bread 201.

If the recipes use ingredients that you cannot use, then you have two options. If you’re up to doing some experimenting on your own, you can go ahead and take the class. I’m more than willing to offer up suggestions for substitutions as long as you’re willing to go through some trial and error. One of my current students can’t use rice flour, but with some suggestions from me, she was able to develop her own rice-free flour mix to use in the recipes.

If you’re not up for some experimentation, then you can wait until I offer a more intensive course that it specifically targeted at developing recipes for a multiple-allergy diet. These courses will be limited to a specific number of students and will have definite start and stop dates so that I can provide more one-on-one coaching.

Q: Can I pay with something other than Paypal? I don’t have a Paypal account.

A: Fortunately you don’t have to have a Paypal account. Paypal also lets you pay with credit and debit cards, just like any other online merchant.

Q: What classes are currently available?

A: Right now, we have two classes available – Gluten Free Bread 101 and Gluten Free Bread 201. We previously offered Gluten Free Bread 101 as an individual course back in April, and it was incredibly popular. If you’ve already taken that class you can go on to Gluten Free Bread 202. For everyone else, I recommend that you start with Gluten Free Bread 101.

We’ll be adding other courses soon….bagels, deep dish pizza, eggrolls, crepes, cake, biscuits and several more are all on the menu. You can always check the Gluten Free Cooking School website to see what is currently available.

Q: I have a really old computer and a dial-up internet connection? I don’t really use the computer that much.  Will I be able to take your class?

A:  The dial-up internet connection is going to be a problem.  All of the video cooking demonstrations are streamed over the internet, and a dial-up connection is too slow to handle that.  Also, the cooking school classes are delivered in a “zipped” file and older computer usually do not have the software to “unzip” the file.  That software in included for free on newer computers.

I also find that an online cooking class works best for people who are comfortable making internet purchases, downloading files, and watching videos online.

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