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By Mary Frances Pickett


An Overflowing Menu

November 3, 2008

Menu Planning for Two (weeks that is):

Sometimes it really helps me to brainstorm my menus in my blogging software….and since the menu is already in a post, I thought I’d share it with you. If any of the meals, catch your eye, let me know in the comments and I’ll make a note to post about it.  In the next few weeks I’ll be doing trial runs of some of the side dishes that I’d like to make for Thanksgiving, so there will soon be several new recipes if all goes well.

When I was typing out my menu, I kept thinking of all of these great dishes that I wanted to make.  I decided to go ahead and plan the emails for an entire budget period, since that allows me to better estimate what we’ll be spending on groceries. Later tonight I’ll make out grocery lists and make sure that we’re under budget.

P.S. I just found out that the Gluten Free Menu Swap is being hosted by Angela’s Kitchen this week. Head over to her site on Tuesday to check out the round-up of gluten free menus!

Grocery Shopping Online:

I’ve started ordering some of my groceries from a local online grocery  and I love being able to see the exact price of what is in my shopping cart as I add new items.  The site saves my shopping cart, so I can leave the list up for an extended period of time to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything or to give me time to rethink the menu if I’m spending too much. They also deliver the groceries to our house the next day for a minimal delivery fee. It sure beats spending an hour or two at the grocery store each week!

The online market’s selection of produce is not as varied as I would like, so I’ll also do shop for fresh produce at a nearby supermarket a couple of times a week. However, my goal is to not by anything but fresh produce when I’m there. We’ll see how that goes!

Upcoming Posts:

And, while I’m thinking about it: I made a great loaf of banana bread this morning so I’ll be posting that recipe this week, along with an article about our recent restaurant experiences in Nashville and St. Louis, new thoughts on how to travel gluten free, and why we’re thinking about making the jump to a vegan diet.

Menu for November 3rd – November 16th

Monday, Nov. 3: White Beans and Pesto, Tomato Soup, Spoonbread Corn Muffins

Tuesday, Nov. 4: Vegetable Soup with Hummus Sandwiches

Wednesday, Nov. 5: Cashew Nut Tofu over Brown Rice; Japanese Salad

Thursday, Nov. 6: Country Fried Steak (Vegan) & Mashed Potatoes or Curried Sweet Potatoes

Friday, Nov. 7: Pizza; Greek Salad

Saturday, Nov. 8: Spinach and Tofu Onigiri and Homemade Sushi

Sunday, Nov. 9: Roasted Veggies, Bean Puree, Dad’s Brown Rice, Layered Salad

Monday, Nov. 10: Sloppy Joes on Toast and Tater Tots

Tuesday, Nov. 11: Black Bean Soup and Veggie Fajitas

Wednesday, Nov. 12 White Bean Corn Chowder, Spinach Salad with Red Onion and Mandarin Oranges, Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

Thursday, Nov. 13 Spaghetti with Spinach Meatballs, Green Salad

Friday, Nov. 14: Chickpea & Dumplings; Green Salad, Yeast Rolls

Saturday, Nov 15: Grilled Pizza, Ranch Pasta Salad

Sunday, Nov 16:Hot Meatball Subs



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