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By Mary Frances Pickett

Gluten Free Mess to Masterpiece in Four Weeks: How to Bake Perfect (and Tasty) Gluten Free Bread

February 11, 2016

Registration is now open! Grab a spot while you can, because class size is limited. And be sure to read further and see how you can get a big discount and a completely unique experience by being in the “First Class”.

Please Note: Registration for Gluten Free Mess to Masterpiece is now closed.

I am so excited to announce that I’ll be teaching a new class this spring, and especially this class: “Gluten Free Mess to Masterpiece in Four Weeks: How to Bake Perfect (and Tasty) Gluten Free Bread”!  I want to thank everyone from my email list who has answered surveys over the past few weeks and help me narrow down exactly what class was most needed. Below you’ll find a bit of sneak peak of what’s included in this class, so that you can be thinking about whether it will be a good fit for you. Registration will be limited to 50 persons, so I want to give you as much thinking time before registration opens so that you can be sure to get a seat in the class! Be sure to read though and see what you need to in order to participate in this unique experience, in which you get to help create the class with me.

Gluten Free Mess to Masterpiece in Four Weeks: What To Expect

The goal of this course is transform your experience of gluten free baking. You are starting from a place of frustration, where you feel like you’re just running into the same walls repeatedly and no one has the answers you need. This course will take you to a place where you can walk into the kitchen, make any baked good that your family desires and have absolute confidence that it will turn out well and taste (and feel) as good or better than the version that you used to make with wheat. This class could be taught with any number of recipes as the focal point, but we’ll be using bread.

Along the way, we’ll cover these topics:

  1. Gluten Free Flours – GF Flours can be so confusing and inadvertent flour goofs can really wreck a recipe. I’ll teach you what they all do, which ones play well together, and how to choose the best flour mix for a given recipe.
  2. The “Master GF Bread Formula”. Do you know the formula that all bread recipes follow and how to change it for gluten free ingredients? In this section, you’ll learn how the ingredients in a bread recipe work together to make bread, instead of something like cake. Knowing the Master Bread formula gives you incredible insight into how a bread recipe works and allows you to create your own gluten free bread recipes with whatever ingredients work for your family.
  3. The Secret Techniques of Bread Baking. Yes, there are things that you should do while you are baking bread that are not written in any recipe, because it’s assumed that you know them. Unfortunately, most people don’t know them anymore and the result is a lot of failed recipes. I’ll walk you through the bread-baking process in recorded and live sessions and show you exactly what to do.
  4. How To Convert A Recipe As the final part of the course, we’ll pull together everything that you’ve learned so far and convert a bread recipe that uses wheat flour to gluten free flours. I’ll walk you through the process that I use to quickly craft new recipes and then you’ll actually do the work. After you’re done, I’ll review your work and point out any potential snafus before you bake your final loaf of the course.
  5. Other Things That You Request: Along the way, I’ll be taking your input as to what to cover lightly and where to go in-depth. So, if you’re particularly concerned about dairy or egg substitutions, or how to do baked goods when only one person needs them to be gluten free, that’s the kind of thing that you’ll tell me before we get started and I’ll fit it in as we go.

By the end of the course, you can expect these results (plus others that I’ve likely forgotten to mention):

  1. Gluten Free Flours – With this you should expect to have a clear understanding of the major groups that you can divide flours into and why each flour fits in that group. You’ll also know how to combine flours from those groups to make custom flour mixes that works for your family. You’ll also understand which flour mixes work best for different kinds of recipes and what changing the flour mix does to the whole recipe (it’s a pretty big deal!).
  2. The Master GF Bread Formula – At the end of this section, you’ll be able to go up to anyone who you can get to listen and explain to them why each component in GF bread is required to be there and what to substitute in case you’re allergic to the most commonly used ingredient for that component. And if you can get them to stick around, you’ll also be able to explain how those ingredients and why some of them are required in GF recipe, but not in wheat recipes. If you can’t find anyone, you can give me a call and I’ll listen =)
  3. The Actual Baking Bread Part – You should expect to know how and when to use a scale and digital thermometer and to know procedures to follow that eliminate the possibility of errors. You’ll also know how to perform experiments and take notes on each loaf so that you can learn from your own bread-baking and dramatically reduce the number of experiments that it takes to get a new recipe just right.
  4. Converting recipes – Ah! The ultimate accomplishment in gluten free baking. You will successfully convert a wheat-flour based bread recipe to gluten free flours, bake it, and have it turn out well within two iterations. You’ll also know how to do single-serving sized tests of a new recipe, before you try the scaled up version.

Class Registration: Tuesday, February 16th

Class registration opens Tuesday, February 16th. This is not the typical online class; there will be a definite start and end date.  This class will most likely be offered again, but not until June or October.

Class Dates: Tuesday March 1st through Monday, March 28th

The class officially starts  on Tuesday, March 1st, but between Feb 19th and March 1st we’ll have about a week to start getting to know each other,  decide where we want to have our online community (Facebook or something else), and I’ll gather questions for the first module.

New content will be emailed out to you each Tuesday, and you can view the video(s) and work on any assignments as your schedule allows.

“First Class” Program & How To Get A Big Discount

This course is going to be unique among the classes that I’ve offered before. This time I’ll be creating the class as we go, based on the input of the students who are taking the class. That means that if you opt in for this first class of “Gluten Free Mess to Masterpiece in Four Weeks” you will get more than the normal amount of interaction with me. There will also be the expectation that you will actively contribute, ask questions, post your results, complete the lessons, and, in general, help make it a great class.

In exchange for that additional input on your part, you’ll also get a huge discount off of the price of this course. I’m not sure what the ultimate price will be, but it definitely won’t be this low.

This class will be capped at 50 participants to make sure that I will have ample time to respond to everyone’s questions and review everyone’s converted recipe in a timely manner.

Your Investment

This course will take 4 weeks and you should expect to spend approximately 2 hours each week on the class. This includes watching the video, completing any exercises and interacting with me and the other students. If you’re going to have a more than usually busy March, this may not be the best time to take this class. However, all of the videos and exercises will be short so you can definitely work this into the nooks and crannies of your day. Except for the baking parts. You’ll probably want to be in your kitchen (and not the subway or carpool line) for those =)

The cost of the course is $197, and includes ongoing access to all of the class materials, coaching via our community group, and a review of your recipe conversion. Depending on what tools you already have, you may need to spend $50 -$75 on a digital scale, thermometers, and bread pans.

I think that’s all for now. Be on the lookout over the weekend for additional posts, including a sneak peek at one of my live coaching sessions. And if you have questions, please do post them in the comments or email me.

Talk to you soon!


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