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  What is Masa Harina?

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This post is going to be about masa harina and how to use it in a gluten free diet. But first I have a story.
When we first started traveling full-time we spent several months in the Hill Country northwest of...

  Can I Use Yeast In Gluten Free Bread?

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I’ve received a few questions about yeast lately, and as I began to type a response to one in Facebook, I decided that it would be just as easy to put the answer into a quick post, so that all of you could...

  The Slacker’s Guide To A Gluten Free Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!
Enjoy a good breakfast, and then follow the schedule we made earlier this week to figure out what you need to work on next. Remember to laugh and enjoy the day. You’ve done a lot of...

  The Slacker’s Guide To A Gluten Free Thanksgiving: The Day Before!!


The Wednesday Before Thanksgiving: It’s the next to last day and preparations kick into high—gear today. If you have the day off from work, you can get a lot of work done today so that you can relax and enjoy...

  The Slacker’s Guide To Thanksgiving: 3 Days Before Thanksgiving


The Monday Before Thanksgiving: I’ve heard lots of people say, “My gluten free bread didn’t turn out well, so I’ll save it to use as bread crumbs”. That’s not the kind of bread crumbs that we...

  The Slacker’s Guide To Thanksgiving: The Weekend Before Thanksgiving


The Weekend Before Thanksgiving: It’s bread baking weekend! Dried bread is used in both cornbread stuffing and bread stuffing. You may also want to bake an extra loaf of bread and throw it in the freezer, so...

  The Slacker’s Guide To A Gluten Free Thanksgiving: 7 Days Before Thanksgiving


There’s one week left until Thanksgiving, and it’s time to do the last bit of planning. You’ll be cooking a lot of different recipes for Thanksgiving and they all need to be done at the same time.

  The Slacker’s Guide To A Gluten Free Thanksgiving: 8 Days Before ThanksgivingGluten Free thanksgiving


We’re back in the kitchen today to do a few more minutes of work that will save us some time on Thanksgiving day. For today’s work you’ll need a food processor, or a cutting board and chef’s...

  The Slacker’s Guide To A Gluten Free Thanksgiving: 9 Days Before Thanksgiving


Let’s do some shopping today. Thanksgiving is one of the few meals each year where I feel free to take advantage of processed foods to make my day a little bit easier.
Pie Crusts: While I like to make...

  The Slacker’s Guide to A Gluten Free Thanksgiving – 2nd Weekend Before Thanksgiving

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Today is Saturday.
Theoretically people have more free time on weekends and can do some pre-cooking for Thanksgiving. I’m going to assume that you have more free-time this weekend. If you don’t, go...

  The Slacker’s Guide to A Gluten Free Thanksgiving – 13 Days Before Thanksgiving

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Now that you know who’s coming to Thanksgiving and who’s doing the cooking (here’s that assignment, if you missed it), it’s time to finalize the recipes. If you’re not doing the...

  A Slacker’s Guide To A Gluten Free Thanksgiving: 14 Days Before Thanksgiving


Before you can fully plan for Thanksgiving you need to know three things:
1) where you are eating Thanksgiving
2) who is doing the cooking, and
3) how many people need gluten free Thanksgiving...

  New Gluten Free Thanksgiving Cookbook Available on Kindle


Hi friends! I have exciting news! My first cookbook for Kindle is now available on Amazon’s Kindle store!
The cookbooks is Thankfully Gluten Free: Recipes For A Delicious Gluten Free Thanksgiving...

  Case Study: How To Fix Gluten Free Cupcakes That Sink In the Middle


G had a mystery. Her gluten free cupcakes kept sinking in the middle. They were beautiful when they came out of the oven. But, turn your back to get the icing from the refrigerator*, and they’d quickly do...

  Come and Cook Gluten Free With Me on Facebook


Dear Readers,
I’ve recently made a discovery.
It’s a whole heck of a lot of fun to cook gluten free with friends!
And the cool thing about it is that you don’t even have to all...

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