Gluten Free Menu Swap – October 29th

David and I just got back from a great weekend with my parents, and I am so glad that I took the time last Sunday to prepare menus for two weeks. I knew then that we would get in late today and that I would be tired, so I decided to be nice to myself and plan ahead with a menu and a shopping list. When I got home tonight all I had to do was pull out the notepad where I had written the menu, heat up supper, and start typing up this post. After a quick glance at the refrigerator and pantry tomorrow morning, I should be able to make a quick shopping trip on the way home from work tomorrow and we will be set till the weekend.

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Gluten Free Mystery Photo Contest
The second Gluten Free Mystery Photo Contest will be running thru 11:59 P.M.CST Monday night, so be sure to go to that post and make your guess in the comments. The winner will get to choose a topic/recipe for me to post about during the next week.

Gluten Free Menu Swap
Ginger Lemon Girl is hosting the Gluten Free Menu Swap this week. If you’d like to check out the other gluten free menus for the week, click here to go to her site. If you’re a gluten free blogger and would like to participate in the Gluten Free Menu Swap, you can find all of the details here. The ingredient of the week is broccoli, which happily is part of Monday night’s supper even though I had no idea what the ingredient was when I made the menu. Thanks to whoever picked it!

And the Menu
Here’s the menu for this week. I had forgotten what I had planned and was surprised and excited tonight to see what we will be eating this week. Be sure to check back during the week as I post updates on how the meals turned out.

Sunday: Sweet Potato Peanut Stew from the freezer
still yummy after a couple of weeks in the freezer

Monday: Broccoli w/ Spicy Tofu over Penne
This was a winner! I accidentally made up a new creamy tomato sauce and all three of us devoured this for supper and lunch the next day.

Tuesday: Roasted Veggies over Rice
I haven’t been to the grocery yet, so we had Eggplant Florentine instead.

Wednesday: Red Beans & Rice w/ salad
I made Fat Free Vegan’s Real Louisiana Red Beans & Rice and cooked it in the pressure cooker since I definitely did not have two or three hours for it to simmer. We served over reheated brown rice with a side of Easy Summer Coleslaw and Gluten Free Southern Corn Bread.

Thursday: Mexican Baked Potatoes

Friday: Red Bean Chipotle Burgers

Saturday: Cheese Tortellini w/ Tomato Bechamel sauce and a salad


  1. Mary Frances-
    I wish I could eat at your house!! I love the flavor of chipotle too…I have a vegetarian chipotle chili that I should post soon for you.
    Oh, and I totally need to change the picking ingredient process (lol), so email me what you want your week to be. I think it will be easier for the host to pick the ingredient when they sign up.

  2. Menu looks great. I keep on trying to go vegetarian at least one night a week. Your menu might give me the inapiration to help me get there!!!! :)

  3. Natalie,
    I wish I could eat at our house! I would love to try your chili; I haven’t really tried that since we went veg. I’ll email you tonight with the ingredient. . .I’ve gotta give this some thought =)

    It was difficult for us to figure out how to handle not having the meat as the centerpiece of our plate. But once we figure that out we haven’t looked back. Let me know what you think if you try one of mine.

  4. If I actually do end up making the tortellini, we’ll have to swap notes on that and the sauce. I’ll probably try something like a bechamel sauce too. Should be interesting, to say the least! Glad I like challenges!

  5. Karen, I’ll definitely let you know how it goes. I’m excited, but nervous too. I’ve never made pasta before, much less gluten free. And you’re comment about the bechamel reminded me that I forgot to get cream at the store today. Whoops =)

  6. Mary Frances – I was a little intimidated the first time I tried making pasta, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. My one observation is that it took a lot of extra corn starch while rolling it out to keep it from sticking.