Gluten Free Menu Swap – October 22

We’ll be out of town this weekend, so my menu for the week is based on what is in the refrigerator that needs to be eaten. I think I did a pretty good job, since our grocery bill today was only a third of what it usually is. The meals are relatively well-balanced and I managed to sneak in the recipes that I wanted to post about.

The Gluten Free Menu Swap is hosted this week by Slacker Mom at Mrs. G.F. – Recipes for a Gluten Free Life. Visit her site to see all of the other menus that my fellow gluten free bloggers have created. The ingredient of the week is apple, and I’ve used it in the Chicken & Apple Rice Skillet – which I’ll make with tofu since we don’t eat chicken anymore (Yippee! I love not handling raw chicken!)

Sunday: Baked Eggplant and Lentil with a salad

Monday: Gluten Free Fried Brown Rice

Tuesday:Smoky Chicken Tomato Soup with Southern Cornbread

Wednesday: Chicken & Apple Rice Skillet with a salad

Thursday: Halloween Quesadillas with Cole Slaw (not the best match-up, but I’ve got a huge head of cabbage in the fridge)

Friday & Saturday: Visiting my parents for Homecoming at my high school, (It’s been 10 years!) so we’ll be eating whatever my parents choose to serve. They’re still not so sure about this whole gluten free vegetarian thing =)

Breakfast: Double batch of "Gluten Free Banana Nut Pancakes" We had these for breakfast this morning, and I put sixteen in the freezer for quick weekday breakfasts.

Upcoming Posts
Monday: "How to Prep a Butternut Squash"
Wednesday: Southern Cornbread recipe
Friday: Halloween Quesadillas
Saturday: Gluten Free Mystery Photo Contest – Round 2

In the Works
Gluten Free Banana Bread recipe
Gluten Free Impossible Pumpkin Pie recipe
Gluten Free Cheese Tortellini recipe
Tomato Bechamel Sauce recipe

David eating his carseat
He was so hungry after a trip to the park, that he tried eating his car seat harness =)


  1. Everything looks just wonderful. What a domestic goddess- using all the fridge leftovers! I am looking forward to your upcoming posts- especially the cheese tortellini! Have fun at your HS reunion.

  2. PS What a great picture of David! I love the car seat pictures because it is so easy to see how much they have grown.

  3. Your son is so cute!!! I know what you mean. We are going out of town this weekend too, that was another reason for my simple menu! My problem is that i look at so many food blogs every day that when I get home, I don’t want to make what’s on the menu! LOL I usually do anyway, but sometimes i just want something else! Looks like a great menu though! Kudos for going meat free too! I don’t think we could do that with my meat and potatoes hubbie, but I usually squeeze in one meat free meal a week!

  4. Natalie, I’m not so sure about the domestic goddess part given the usual state of my kitchen =) We’re excited about the tortellini too. It was John’s favorite pasta and he hasn’t had it in at least five years.

    Carrie, I was just thinking last night that there are so many more recipes that I want to cook than nights in which to cook them. Oh well, there’s always next fall =)
    And, I would have never thought that we would go vegetarian either. But after having David we tried it as a 30-day experiment because we had heard that it would increase your energy. At that point we were willing to do anything for energy! About three days into the diet, we were hooked. We then read The China Study, Eat to Live and watched Supersize Me and decided that meat was definitely not something that we wanted to eat