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By Mary Frances Pickett


The Slacker’s Guide To Thanksgiving: The Weekend Before Thanksgiving

November 23, 2013

The Weekend Before Thanksgiving: It’s bread baking weekend! Dried bread is used in both cornbread stuffing and bread stuffing. You may also want to bake an extra loaf of bread and throw it in the freezer, so that you’re all ready for turkey sandwiches.

Today’s Assignment: Make as many loaves of bread as you’ll need for your stuffing and sandwiches. The number of loaves will vary depending on how much stuffing you need to make, how many sandwiches your family will eat, and the size of bread that your favorite GF bread recipe makes.

Don’t let the thought of making lots of bread overwhelm you. The hardest part will be not eating the bread right away.

Here are some resources for baking gltuen free bread:

  1. Finally, Really Good Gluten Free Sandwich Bread recipe
  2. Get my ebook, The Non-Scary Guide To Baking Gluten Free Bread ebook, Gluten Free Bread 101 - Becci, or
  3. Upgrade to a Premium membership and take my Gluten Free Bread 101 course, that includes additional bread recipes (including corn free and yeast free recipes) and video tutorials that will walk you through every step of the process.


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