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By Mary Frances Pickett


The Slacker’s Guide to A Gluten Free Thanksgiving – 2nd Weekend Before Thanksgiving

November 16, 2013

Today is Saturday.

Theoretically people have more free time on weekends and can do some pre-cooking for Thanksgiving. I’m going to assume that you have more free-time this weekend. If you don’t, go ahead and read through this email and the schedule this weekend’s assignment on your calendar for later this week.

This Weekend’s Assignment: Today we’re going to get ready to make pies. Pies can be baked several days before Thanksgiving, and the pie crusts can be made weeks to months before that. We don’t have months, but we can go ahead and make the dough for pie crust.

Resources For Making Gluten Free Pie:

Making gluten free pie crusts takes all of 15 minutes. Despite what you may have heard (or experienced) pie crust dough is pretty easy to make. However, it can be a bit intimidating if you’re making it for the first time.

If you’d like a step-by-step photo and HD video tutorial, pie crust recipes, and all sorts of other helpful information, then you can Gluten Free Bread 101 - Becci. It’s free! And it includes recipes, videos, step-by=step photos, and interesting articles that will make this much less intimidating.

I’m also hosting several free Gluten Free Pie Master Classes between now and Thanksgiving. See the full details here.


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