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By Mary Frances Pickett


Easu Bean Burritos in Gluten Free Tortillas Recipe

You hardly need a recipe for burritos, but these ones are extra special. Wrapped in gluten free tortillas, these burritos are extra tasty thanks to the stock and seasoning used while cooking the beans.

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There’s nothing particularly glamorous about bean burritos. If you had peeked into our dining room last night you would have had no idea that John and I were celebrating one of the biggest turning points in our lives. But, for us, celebrating my first day working full-time on Gluten Free Cooking School (!!!!!!)  with burritos made of homemade gluten free tortillas and simple, fresh ingredients seemed the most appropriate meal in the world.

These tortillas are an improved version of the gluten free tortilla recipe that I posted  a couple of years ago.  The new version is much more flexible and the dough is easier to roll out. If you’d like to make your own gluten free tortillas, the improved recipe is included in our new e-book.


  • gluten free tortillas
  • pinto beans
  • rice
  • lettuce
  • tomatoes

I was cooking by eye last night, so I can only give you a general description of what I did. If I were to make this again I would do the following:

Cook a large pot of white rice (2 parts water: 1 part rice) and a large pot of pinto beans (you can substitute canned beans). Then, add approximately two cups of  beans to a skillet that has been pre-heated with a small amount of oil. Mash about half of the beans with the back of a spoon.  Add a small amount of stock (1/2 cup?) and 1 – 2 Tbsp. of any seasonings that you like. I used cumin and oregano – GF taco seasoning would also be good. Let the beans simmer on medium for until heated through. The mashed beans will soak up the stock, so you may have to add more stock to get a good consistency.

Take a tortilla and layer a small amount of beans, rice, lettuce, and tomato in the center. Roll the left and right sides towards the middle. Then fold the bottom of the tortilla up and over  the fillings and  roll towards the top. Leave the seam of the burrito on the bottom of the plate.

Easu Bean Burritos in Gluten Free Tortillas Recipe 2010-11-17



gluten free bean burritos in tortillas recipe

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