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By Mary Frances Pickett


How to Dice an Onion in 5 Steps

Onions seem to be in almost every supper recipe that I cook. I have been known to dice an onion and start sauteing it before I even decide what we’re having for supper. However, I do know people that run at the thought of prepping veggies for supper because “it takes so long”. That is a problem that can be remedied with a good knife and good technique.

How to Dice an Onion

This is not really a step, but it is the best tip that I can give you – use a good chef’s knife. I grew up dicing onions with a steak knife, so yesterday I diced an onion with a steak knife to remind myself of what it’s like – it’s much, much harder! here’s a knife that’s gotten very good reviews at Amazon. R.H. Forschner by Victorinox – 8″ Chef’s Knife 47520

1. Cut the top and bottom off of the onion.

2. Place one of the cut sides down on your cutting board, and slice straight down thru the onion.

3. Peel the skin from each half of the onion.


4. Place the cut side of one of the onion halves down on the cutting board. Starting on the right side (assuming you’re right handed), cut wedges thru the onion until you reach the top. Then flip the onion around and cut wedges into the other side.

It should look like this when you’re done.

5. Turn the half onion 90 degrees, and then make parallel cuts down through the onion.

You now have a diced onion.

Want to practice your onion dicing skills? Try these recipes:



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