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By Mary Frances Pickett


How to Crack (and Separate) an Egg

Cracking an egg for the first time can be intimidating, even if you’ve seen it done before. you start by firmly tap the middle of the egg against the side of the bowl or the edge of your counter. Basically any sharp object that will crack the shell, rather than crushing it, will work.

Cracking an Egg

Use your thumbs to separate the egg shell at the crack. Allow the egg yolk and egg white to drop into the bowl.
cracking an egg into the bowl

How to Separate the Egg Whites from the Egg Yolk

There are at least three different ways to separate egg whites from the yolk. I have listed them in the reverse order of my preference, but in the order of John’s preference.

You see, John wants to separate an egg without having to touch the yolk or the white at all. For him the egg separator is the perfect method. I want to separate the egg as quickly as possible, with as little risk of yolk breakage as possible, and without getting any additional items dirty. For me the hand method is the perfect method.

However, if David were running around the kitchen while I was separating eggs, I would choose the shell method. The main benefit that I see to the shell method is that, if needed, I could set the shells down during the middle of the separation. This would be handy if David were to suddenly try to open the oven while it was on! Once serious injury has been averted, I could just pick up the shells and resume the separation.

Here are the three methods – see what works best for you.

1. Egg Separator Method

how to separate an egg with an egg separator

Crack the egg and pour the yolk and white into the separator. The whites will fall into the bowl through the slots, while the yolk remains in the strainer. Some swirling and tilting of the stainer may be required to get the whites to completely separate.

2. Shell Method

how to separate an egg - shell method

Crack the egg near one end. Separate the shells leaving the yolk and whites in the larger portion of the shell.

how to separate an egg - shell method #2

Carefully pour the yolk into the smaller portion of shell. The whites will fall into the bowl while the yolk remains in the smaller shell. You may have to pour back and forth a few times to completely separate the whites.

3. Hand Method

how to separate an egg - hand method #1

Crack the egg and pour the yolk and whites into your cupped hand.
how to separate an egg - hand method #2

Spread your fingers ever so slightly so that the whites fall through your fingers and into the bowl.



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