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By Mary Frances Pickett


Guest Post: New Mom Saves $93 On Her First Grocery Shopping Trip After Reading With or Without Coupons

September 27, 2012

I asked Patti Laurens, author of With or Without Coupons: How To Save 50% or More At The Grocery Store to write a case study of how someone has used With or Without Coupons to save money. Below is a quick story about one of her friend’s first shopping trips after receiving With or Without Coupons as a “Congrats on Your Adoption Gift”. It’s a fun story and I hope that you enjoy it.

Enter Patti:

I gave the ebook to a friend as a “Congrats on Your Adoption” gift. Sounds odd, I know, but she was going from no kids to twin toddlers, so her grocery bill jumped big time!

She and her husband have always been frugal. Living on a minister’s salary meant either live wisely or go into debt. They lived wisely (and avoided debt) but never tried to lower their grocery bill. She eats dairy free and as a family they eat organic, which is more expensive in a small town. She always felt like couponing and shopping the sales wouldn’t apply to their diet.

Honestly, I think she read the book merely out of curiosity. Once she started, she didn’t put it down. In four hours, she had excitedly skimmed the whole ebook (its 103 pages – no small feat!). It was so cute how excited she was. I got email after email from her as she read the book and planned her first shopping trip.

She went to the store the next day armed with only three coupons and her list. She shopped the sales and ONLY bought items that she regularly buys. She did not buy any new brands or any items that her family didn’t use. She spent $138 and saved $93 – a whopping 40% on her first try!

She emailed me after her trip so pumped about the fact that she did so good AND that she would only have to go to the grocery store the next week for one or two items!

Now, she’s on the hunt for coupons, cheaper online resources for her favorite organic items, and learning how to follow the coupon blogs!

I’m so happy that my ebook was able to help her! That’s why I wrote the ebook – to help people learn how to save money on good, healthy food. I have struggled in the past with my food bill and the lessons I learned are captured in this ebook. I can’t wait to hear more success stories!!!

Mary Frances here: Patti’s friends sounds as excited as I was when I was reading the ebook. Seriously, if you hate the idea of couponing or staying on a budget but still need to save money, this book is for you. Find out more about saving money on your gluten free groceries by buying With or Without Coupons: How to Save 50% Or More At The Grocery Store.


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