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Would You Like Thanksgiving To Be Easy This Year?

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that stresses out more people on a gluten free diet than any other. It’s a combination of the normal stresses of a holiday – with family, travel, cooking and everything else that comes along with that – plus the added problem that many of the dishes we traditionally eat at Thanksgiving contain gluten. And let’s face it….Thanksgiving is mostly about the food, isn’t it?I get hundreds of emails from readers every November asking about Thanksgiving dinner. Which foods contain gluten? How do I plan for the holiday? Is it even worth trying to celebrate Thanksgiving or should we just scrap the whole meal altogether?

Holidays are a time that should be enjoyed with family and friends, and Thanksgiving is no different. We shouldn’t be so stressed out about what we’re going to eat that we’re unable to enjoy the day. That’s why I developed my Gluten Free Thanksgiving Made Easy cooking class. This class contains everything that you need to cook a delicious gluten free Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey, all the sides, and a pie, so that you can handle Thanksgiving calmly and happily with no stress.

You can cook a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, you!

Whether you are a seasoned expert in the kitchen, or if you’ve never even cooked a turkey before in your life, this class is great for you. Thanksgiving novices will love the easy step-by-step instructions, and cooking veterans will enjoy the delicious recipes and the ease with which everything will come together.

BLESS YOU!! I made your cornbread recipe and the stuffing was one of the best I have ever had—even before I became gluten free. The first batch I made for the stuffing was from Living Without’s holiday guide magazine and it was awful!! So I scrapped that and made your recipe. I had a hard time keeping it “safe” until I made the dressing the next day. Thank you so much for all your hard word creating your recipes. I have never had any bad results from your recipes. ~Tamara

The cornbread and cornbread dressing were the best I have ever made. Thanks! ~Annelee

A detailed timeline showing you step-by-step what to do

Did you know that you can go ahead and get started on Thanksgiving dinner today? Not everything has to be done on the same day, and knowing what you can get done ahead of time can save you time, money, and help you keep your stress levels low.

In my cooking class, you’ll find a detailed timeline showing you what you can get done ahead of time, and what you’ll need to save until Thanksgiving day. You’ll be able to get a lot of the work done before crunch-time, and you’ll be able to plan accordingly for everything that has to be done in the hours before dinner.

Tested gluten free, dairy free recipes that you know will work

Another great benefit of my Gluten Free Thanksgiving Made Easy cooking class is that you’ll get the recipes that I use myself for my own family. These recipes are tested and proven, and I’m confident that they’ll work for your family as well. Each one is delicious, and I bet that your family won’t even realize they’re gluten free.

Oh, and let’s not forget that these recipe are dairy-free too.  Each recipe was formulated and tested with non-dairy butter and milk products (and those are used as sparingly as possible).

The recipes included in the cooking class (in an easily printable format) are:

Watch me cook the dinner so you can see exactly how to do it

The best part of taking one of my cooking classes is that you get to watch me cook the same recipes and dishes that you are going to cook. We film each dish in HD, so you can see exactly how the dressing is supposed to look when you put it in the oven, the consistency of the yeast roll dough, how to prepare the turkey, and everything else that you need to know to make the best Thanksgiving dinner you’ve ever cooked.

Since the cooking class is virtual, you can watch the videos anytime you want – day or night, in your pajamas, or when you have a quick moment during nap time for your kids.

In-depth Q & A that will answer any question you have

Last Thanksgiving, I did an online chat with my readers and invited them to ask me anything and everything that they needed to know about cooking Thanksgiving meal. Over the course of a couple hours, we discussed and answered every question that my readers had about Thanksgiving. (I say ‘we’ because it was definitely a group effort!)

I saved a transcript of that chat and when you buy my Thanksgiving cooking class, you’ll get a copy of it to read at your leisure. If you have a question about how to get your meal just right, chances are great that you’ll find the answer in this Q & A.

Printable Shopping Lists make grocery shopping a snap

You’ve got enough to do just getting the house cleaned or packing for your Thanksgiving travels. Let me handle your grocery list for you.  Two grocery lists are included in the class: one is organized by recipe, the other by the type of food.  Use whichever works best for you.

Bonus: Ongoing Email Coaching Till the Day Before Thanksgiving:

When you buy a Gluten Free Cooking School, you get ongoing support by email from me through my invitation only Yahoo Group. No question is too small, no worry unimportant.  Need to make some ingredient substitutions?  Ask for recommendations. Need help figuring out how to explain cross-contact issue to your family? Ask about that too!

Save Yourself Time and A Lot of Headaches
Yes, you could scour the internet in search of recipes, make your own grocery list, and figure out for yourself when everything needs to be done. Buy why?!? It will take you hours and it’s not really all that fun. (I know, because I just did it for you!)


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