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Gluten Free Aisle
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Buy Gluten Free food online: If you’re lucky your local grocery store will carry a wide selection of gluten free foods. If they don’t it’s easy to find a wide array of gluten free products online.  Here are some of the sites where I shop, as well as a few that other readers have recommended:

Amazon’s Gluten Free Groceries Page

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free product page

Gluten Free Mall

Azure Standard

Gluten Free Grocery Guides: Grocery guides will save you a lot of time and grief when you’re in the grocery store. They are also helpful when you are planning meals. It’s nice to be able to look and see whether there is such thing as gluten free taco seasoning before you get to the store.

The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide by Triumph Dining

Cecilia’s Marketplace  – Gluten Free, Gluten Free Casein Free, and Gluten Free Casein Free Soy Free

Gluten Free lists from Grocery Stores: Many grocery stores provide lists of the gluten free products that they carry. Be sure to check these lists frequently for updates.

Acme Markets

Farm Fresh Supermarkets




Jewel – Osco





Whole Foods

Gluten Free Product Lists by Food Manufacturer: Here are several resources for finding gluten free products by manufacturer.

General Mills Gluten Free Product List

Hormel Foods Gluten Free Product List

Celiac Society Manufacturer Search

Certified Gluten Free Products Search

Articles on Frugal Gluten Free Shopping: We all know that gluten free products are more expensive.  Following are several articles with advice on how to keep your grocery spending under control.

5 Strategies to Lower Your Grocery Bill

5 More Strategies to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Interview with  a Frugal Gluten Free Shopper:
A couple of years ago I wrote a 2 part article called “10 Strategies to Lower My Grocery Bill“. At the end of the first part I asked my readers to share their tips on frugal shopping and, if they wanted, to share how much they spend on groceries e ach month.  The comment below blew my mind:

Heather HH: Our grocery budget had been $275 a month, or an average of less than $70 a week for 2 adults and 4 children (under 7). Groceries are bought in a city of 100,000 in the Midwestern U.S. I make almost everything from scratch, and rarely even buy a can of beans (that’s a convenience item to us!). With prices for gluten-free items, I anticipate our grocery bill will probably be around $350-$400/mth or under $100/wk.

My goal at the time was to get my grocery bill under $600 a month and then work down to $400. I couldn’t imagine only spending $275!  So, I emailed Heather to ask how much she was spending now that they were gluten free and if she would be willing to share her tips. Heather graciously agreed and we exchanged several long emails. Here is Heather’s grocery shopping wisdom:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5