Eggnog French Toast

David was feeling left out of the camera action

This is a picture of my stove the morning after Christmas. The monkey bread that I made on Christmas morning was a little dry and the only milk-like substance in the house was a half empty carton of Silk Eggnog. So my little elf helper and I pulled out “Joy of Cooking” (picture a dirty […]

Your Gluten Free Bread Baking Questions Answered

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

Answers to the most common questions about baking gluten free bread.

Multi-Grain Flat Bread: Gluten Free Bread Without Starch

Gluten Free Multi-Grain Flat Bread

If you haven’t guessed by now, most gluten free bread recipes are a bit scarce in the nutrients we’re accustomed to seeing in wheat bread. One reason is that wheat breads are usually fortified with vitamins and minerals during the manufacturing process, and the other is that gluten free breads depend heavily on starch flours […]