Pork Tacos – Another Delicious Budget Gluten Free Meal

I don’t know why I keep being surprised at how the imposition of limits increases creativity. But I am. My current “limit” is that I have committed to implementing a new strategy that I learned from the ebook With or Without Coupons: How To Save 50% or More At The Grocery Store.

My newest strategy is creating my menu plan and shopping list based on the weekly sales circular. This is the 4th strategy that we’ve implemented. I’m having to move slowly, because I’m also having to overcome my severe distaste for all things related to budget grocery shopping. But, Patti’s advice is working….and I’m seeing incredible results.

Incredible results at checkout….and incredible results in the kitchen. I couldn’t be happier.

Here’s a picture of the 2nd supper from the shopping trip where we proved out that we’d saved 43% on our gluten free groceries using only 4 strategies and no coupons. These are pork tacos topped with Mexican rice, refried beans, cheddar cheese, salsa verde and pineapple.


This meal was incredibly simple – the only cooking involved was to braise the bone-in pork stead and cook the rice. Not hard! John’s parents even cleaned up the kitchen afterwards….and they didn’t even eat supper with us. They are very good to me!

By the way, we’ve partnered with Patti Laurens, the author of With or Without Coupons: How To Save 50% or More At The Grocery Store to do a special promotion through October 3rd. If you buy her ebook through us you will receive With or Without Coupons: How To Save 50% Or More At The Grocery Store AND…

(1) a mini-ebook that I wrote about how to cook $1/lb foods that most people don’t know how to cook
(2) a cheat sheet for With or Without Coupons that lists all the strategies you’ll read about in the book
(3) an audio recording of Patti coaching me on how to use the strategies from With or Without Coupons
(4) access to a coaching webinar with Patti and I where you can ask any questions that you have about implenting the strategies yourself.

Here’s the page where you can buy the ebook.


  1. Wondering where the recipe is…I was excited to see this one but all I see is the article about the grocery store savings (which also is interesting, but not really what I was looking for)…Thanks!!

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