Planning a Gluten Free Weekend Away

Gluten Free Traveling Stash

Recipe for Disaster: 3 nights away from home 3 people that need to eat gluten free a big Italian family supper a rehearsal dinner a wedding reception and a toddler without a schedule Combine all ingredients with an incredibly supportive family, generous Italian hospitality, helpful restaurant staffs, a stash of gluten free good and a […]

Rolling out Flour Tortillas (Gluten Free Tortillas, At That)

Dust Rolling Pin with Gluten Free Flour

Rolling out dough, particularly into a circular shape, is a learned skill. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when John tried his hand at making tortillas. At approximately 11:30 on a Tuesday morning I received a call from work that went something like this, “So how do you keep the dough from […]

Shopping Alert: Breadman Breadmaker w/ Gluten Free Setting

On sale today at is the Breadman TR875 2-Pound Breadmaker, on sale for $79.95 from $114.99. Free shipping is available. This bread machine has a special gluten free setting. I haven’t tried it yet – our bread machine is still going strong after almost 5 years. But if you’d like to hear more about […]

No More Naked Burritos: Gluten Free Flour Tortillas

Gluten Free Casein Free Flour Tortillas

I’ve been sitting here for ages trying to figure out what to say about these tortillas. If you’ve been gluten free for long, you can understand why I’m speechless. The wonder of it all . . . to have tortillas that bend without breaking; that are big enough to actually wrap around something; that taste […]

Planning for a Busy Gluten Free Life

Wheat Cracker

I have a confession to make. I’ve been eating gluten for the past 2.5 months. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not; but I have been eating it. My stomach is a mess. And I’m tired. And I’m mad at myself. None of the gluten-filled food that I ate was even that good. I just ate it because […]