Gluten Free Waffles

Our family has found a new favorite weekend breakfast – gluten free waffles! You all know that we’ve been on the gluten free diet for years now, so that first bite of homemade waffles was absolute heaven!  We stuffed ourselves!

The recipe is a  conversion of the “Basic Waffles” recipe in Joy of Cooking. The only change that I made was to swap my gluten free flour mix for the all-purpose flour used in the original recipe. The original recipes lets you adjust the butter from as little a 4 Tbsp for a low-fat waffle to 16 Tbsp for a super yummy, my mouth is in bliss waffle.  We’ve tried 8 and 16 Tbsp and 16 is definitely the way to go.

Gluten Free Waffles

1 3/4 cups all-purpose gluten free flour mix
1 Tbsp. baking powder
1 Tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt

3 large eggs
16 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted
1 1/2 c. milk (soy, cow, rice, etc)

Cooking Directions:
1. Mix first four ingredients together in large mixing bowl.
2. Beat the eggs together until frothy. Add the milk and stir again.
3. Slowly pour the melted butter into the egg/milk mixture. Stir constantly to prevent the eggs from cooking.
4. Now add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix just until all of the flour is wet. You don’t have to get all of the lumps out.
5. Pour the batter onto a hot waffle iron. Follow the affle iron manufacturer’s directions for cooking. For ours we use 1/2 c. batter and let the waffle’s cook until there is no more steam coming out.

Additional Notes:
1. Let your eggs and milk come to room temperature. If the eggs and milk are cold, then they will resolidify the melted butter when you mix them together.
2. These waffles are not sweet, so you can add sweet or savory toppings to them. You could also 1/4 – 1/2 cup of raisins, cheese, bacon, nuts, sliced bananas, grated coconut to the batter before cooking.


  1. Renee Hargraves says:

    These sound wonderful! What type of waffle does this make, regular waffles or Belgian waffles? Either way, I can’t wait to try them.

  2. Hello, I am planing to open up a restaurant in London, United Kingdom serving dluten free food. I am a chef and want to train in either a top school or with a top chef in a restaurant on refining my skills and knowledge of gluten free food. Please can you recommend any in Europe or the rest of the world where I can go to.
    Thankyou for your time

  3. Mary Frances! You have now been raised to near sainthood at my house! I have just loved every recipe I have tried. We had biscuits tonight and quinoa spaghetti with this homeade sauce and meatballs and honestly, I wouldn’t have known it was gluten free if I hadn’t made the meal! Thank you so much for your flour mix and all your recipes. I cannot properly express how this will impace my life and those of my family.

  4. I’m happy to have stumbled onto your blog. Diagnosed with Celiac 6 mos ago and have had moderate success with eating gluten-free yet finding myself having a melt-down today trying to fix my college daughter’s favorite chicken/brocolli/cheese casserole and realizing I can’t use the Campbells Cr of Chicken soup. Somedays gluten-free seems so hard, today is one of them. I am encouraged reading your blog Mary Frances and seeing your good recepies. My Mississippi born transplanted to Fresno husband would love it if I could make some of your cheesey garlic bisquits. Thanks for being out there.

  5. Erin Herring says:

    I am interested in starting a gluten free diet for one of my children that is on the autism spectrum. Does anyone know if these waffles freeze well? I think its important to not deny him any of the foods that he’s currently used to eating. However, i dont exactly see myself making these every morning before school and work. Thank you!

  6. These look wonderful. I can’t wait to try them on my family!

  7. single mom says:

    Thanks so very much for this great blog. I’m starting my son on the GFCF diet, and these waffles were fantastic! Any suggestions on GF*CF* blogs that are as great as yours?

  8. Hi,

    When it says 1 1/2 c. of milk in the list of ingredients, does that mean cups or litres?? sorry probably a silly question
    but I’m trying to translate the recipe into Italian for someone and want to be absolutely sure.
    Thanks again,