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  Open Thread: What advice would you give someone who has just started a gluten free diet?

Living Gluten Free  

Hi everyone,
I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth quite yet. The blog has been a bit lonely since I’ve had to take a blogging hiatus, so I thought I’d see if you, my readers, are...

  How to Make Chocolate Truffles


With this recipe, you can make all your own Christmas and birthday gifts. No one can resist a truffle and these are gluten free. They are also very handy when you have a sugar craving.

  10 Strategies to Lower My Grocery Bill – Part 2

Living Gluten Free  

This is the second in a two part post on minimizing your grocery bill while eating a gluten free diet. If you’d like to share your best grocery shopping tips, or commiserate on the price of groceries,...

  Gluten Free Menu Swap – February 10th

Gluten Free Menus  

As I mentioned in 10 Strategies to Lower My Grocery Bill – Part 1 I have a grocery budget of $600 a month, which is currently broken down to $300 per pay check. One of our strategies for staying on our...

  Gluten Free Menu Swap – February 4th

Gluten Free Menus  

Sunday has rolled around again and it’s time for Gluten Free Menu Swap. This week’s Swap is hosted by Sally at Aprovechar, so stop by her blog on Monday to get the full roundup.
My menu this...

  10 Strategies to Lower My Grocery Bill – Part 1

Living Gluten Free  

Our Story: A gluten free diet can be hard on the pocketbook. Wheat is cheap and it’s in almost every single processed food that I used to buy to keep our grocery bill under control. Back in our college...


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