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What Can You Eat on a Primal Diet?

Primal and Paleo Gluten Free Living  

Somehow I managed to forget, until now, to tell you what we can eat on a Primal Diet. Most of what follows this paragraph is excerpted from and...


Primal Diet Trial – Days 1 & 2

Gluten Free Diet Primal and Paleo Gluten Free Living  

Here is the first meal update for our 30-Day Primal Experiment. We won’t overwhelm you with daily meal updates, but we’ll keep track...


30 Days on the Primal Diet: A New Experiment On A Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet  

It’s interesting to me when I look back at the past several years of how Mary and I have eaten. We went completely gluten free in 2003, and...



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