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By Mary Frances Pickett


The Slacker’s Guide To A Gluten Free Thanksgiving: 2 Days Before Thanksgiving

November 26, 2013

The Tuesday Before Thanksgiving: We made our pie crust dough last week, and now it’s time to roll the crusts out and make the pies. You don’t want to wait until Thanksgiving day to bake your pies. Pies need to cool for hours before they are cut, which would mean an even earlier start for you on Thanskgiving morning, especially if your family has the big meal at noon. Bake your pies now, let them cool, and then wrap them up and hide them until the big feast.

Today’s Assignment: Roll out your pie crusts, make your pie fillings, and bake your pies. The kitchen is going to smell phenomenal.It’s getting tought to hold out until the big feast, isn’t it?

Would you like to watch me roll out a pie? Check out the step-by-step videos in my new gluten free pie class. It’s free!


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