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Gluten Free Thai Peanut Chicken Recipe

By: Mary Frances Pickett      Date: April 23, 2013      Prep Time: 10 Min      Cook Time: 15 Min

I recently grabbed a bottle of San-J Thai Peanut Sauce and used it to make a delicious, vegetable-filled meal that we served al fresco. We had just arrived at a beautiful Virginia state park after a long day of driving and I needed a quick meal. After a brief shopping trip  I headed into the kitchen and whipped this up and then took it all out to the picnic table so that we could continue enjoying the warm spring day and the newly leafed out trees.

I was going to say that it was a peaceful dinner, but then I remembered that one of the children crawled under the picnic table, grabbed a handful of small gravel, and then dropped it right onto his plate. I may have screamed all three of that child’s names. So, not peaceful.  But it was delicious….and luckily that child was mostly done with dinner anyway.

I may be strange, but I find slicing vegetables into long strips to be quite peaceful. Especially when I’m the only one in the kitchen and the children are all outside playing superhero in the woods under the supervision of my husband. So while this meal does require some prep work, it’s easy prep work and the payoff is delicious.


(Yield: 4 servings)

  1. Cut each of the vegetables into long strips of approximately the same thickness and set aside. Slick the chicken into long thin strips. Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil in a large skilled and cook the chicken until it has browned nicely and there is no pink in the center of each strip. Remove the chicken from the skillet and set aside – we’ll add it back in at the end.
  2. Add more coconut oil to your skillet, if necessary, and cook the vegetables on high heat. Stir frequently and only cook the vegetables until they are tender, but still a bit crisp. Add the chicken back in. Pour the entire bottle of San-J Peanut Sauce over the top and stir so that all of the chicken and veggies get a nice coating of sauce.
  3. Serve over rice, quinoa, or pan-fried cauliflower.

This recipe has been brought to you by the Gluten Free Cooking School.

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