Take a Gluten Free Cooking Class

When I learned to bake I was lucky enough to have either my mom or grandmother at my side. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have gluten free moms and grandmoms to teach us the art of gluten free baking, so we have to find someone else to help us if we want to make quick progress.

I started Gluten Free Cooking School because I wanted to give people hope that they could love a gluten free diet, and I wanted to do that by teaching them to bake and cook gluten free. Since there’s only one of me go to around, and my husband and children have first dibs, I realized that I’d be able to help a lot more people if I offered virtual cooking classes.

Gluten Free Cooking School currently offers 15 different gluten free cooking courses. If this will be your first class, then I strongly recommend that you start with one of the 4 classes listed below. These are some of our favorite classes and will give you a good feel for whether a virtual cooking class will work for you. Click on the pictures for more class info.

Option One: Take One of Our Stand-Alone Classes

If you’re new to Gluten Free Cooking School, start with one of our most popular classes. Each class is $37, but you can credit that amount towards the Gluten Free Family Favorites Package or Subscription* =)

Option Two: The Gluten Free Family Favorites Subscription

Can’t choose which class you want? Try them all! The Gluten Free Family Favorites Subscription option allows you take all of our classes, but spread the payments out by paying $27/month for 12 months. You also get $10 off of the cost of each course, which is usually $37.

When you start the subscription, you automatically get access to 3 courses – Flaky & Fluffy Biscuits, A Gluten Free Thanksgiving, and A Gluten Free Christmas. Each month after that, a new class will be added to your online account at Gluten Free Cooking School. By the time the subscription payment ends, you will have received all of the classes and you’ll have access to them for as long as you want. If you have more questions, go here for frequently asked questions about the subscription option.

Option Three: The Gluten Free Family Favorites Package

If you’d like to have access to all 15 courses immediately you can purchase the Gluten Free Family Favorites Package for $249 or $16.60/class. This is an 55% savings over purchasing the classes individually, since they are usually $37 a course. When you buy all of the courses at once, all of the courses are immediately added to your account at Gluten Free Cooking School and you can take them in any order, and at any pace that you desire.

*Credit is not available towards the Family Favorites Package or Subscription if you are taking advantage of other sales or discounts off of the prices noted above.