Stop Being Stressed About Eating Gluten Free!
If I told you that eating gluten free can be easy, would it seem strange to hear the words “easy” and “gluten free” in the same sentence? What if I told you that not only can gluten free be easy, but actually enjoyable? Would you think I’m crazy?

I understand why you feel that way. Eating gluten free can be a huge source of stress in your life. It can be incredibly difficult, and it can turn your life upside down.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The Gluten Free Survival Guide has everything you need to know about eating a gluten free diet – and how to stay sane in the process. You’ll learn how easy it can be to eat gluten free, and you’ll learn proven strategies to make sure you stay GF – without driving yourself crazy.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In The Survival Guide
  • The Gluten Free Basics
  • Remove All Gluten From Your Kitchen
  • Handle Your First GF Shopping Trip
  • Eating With Family and Friends
  • Staying GF When You Travel
  • Avoid “Eat Gluten or Go Hungry” Situations
  • Dining At Restaurants Safely
  • Enjoy Being Gluten Free At The Holidays
  • Taking Care Of Children Who Are GF
  • Make Sure Your GF Diet Is Healthy
The Gluten Free Essentials Cookbook
In addition to The Gluten Free Survival Guide, you’ll also learn how to make all of your old favorite foods in The Essential Gluten Free Cookbook.

Pancakes, pizza, waffles, scones, bread, biscuits – it’s all in here! In it, you’ll find:

  • 20+ easy recipes that your family will love
  • Over 30 easy supper ideas

On top of The Gluten Free Survival Guide and The Essential Gluten Free Cookbook, you’ll also get these bonuses:

  • One Week of GF Meal Plans, complete with shopping list
  • Safe and Unsafe Ingredients List
  • Audio recording of the Survival Guide so you can listen on your iPod or in your car
  • And More!

Buy now and get

  • The Gluten Free Survival Guide
  • The Essential Gluten Free Cookbook
and a whole bunch of extras including

  • the super-helpful GF Ingredient list
  • a menu-planning worksheet
  • and lot more!

All this for only $10!

Reader Testimonials

Two words – Love It!! :) Very helpful and useful, thanks for taking the time to write a book that is easy to use and has great ideas and tips!
– Kelly B.

The “Hidden Sources of Gluten” in your book has been so eye opening. I have thought I was eating gluten free but was eating hidden sources. No wonder I have no energy – so much for my taco seasoning and soy sauce! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.
– Tracy C.

The Gluten Free Survival Guide was a great help to me as a newly diagnosed celiac. Thank you! Thank you!!
– Andrea B.

I purchased your Gluten Free Survival Guide ebook, and found so many helpful resources. The Safe and Unsafe Ingredient Lists were so helpful. The recipes look delicious and I look forward to trying them. Thank you!
– Jo H.