Gluten Free Takeout: Wonton Wrappers, Eggrolls and Empanadas

How many times have you flipped through a magazine and been tantalized with pictures of a delicious appetizer only to find that the supposedly “easy and fast” recipe is made with refrigerated, packaged, wonton wrappers? It’s so disheartening because those wrappers are all full of wheat!

The solution? Make your own wonton wrappers so that you can enjoy those delicious recipes too! It’s actually very easy!

In this month’s course, I’ll show you how to make wonton wrappers and then we’ll use the wrappers to make gluten free eggrolls and gluten free empanadas. Once you’ve mastered the wrapper recipe, you’ll be able to make all sorts of delicious appetizers and no one will realize that they are eating gluten free food.

Start the course by reading the Getting Started article and watching the Eggroll Video. That video shows you how to make the wrappers AND how to make the eggrolls. Then try your hand at the eggrolls or go ahead and watch the empanada video. Finish off the course by reading the Expand article to get an idea of some of the other appetizers that you can make using my Wonton Wrapper recipe.


Getting Started: Wonton Wrappers


Gluten Free Eggrolls Video

Gluten Free Empanadas Video


Wonton Wrapper Recipe

Veggie Eggroll Recipe

Beef Empanada Recipe

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  1. MARY WENDLAND says:

    worked on the egg rolls for 3 hours and it was a disaster. I was so excited because so many other recipes turn out good from this school. The dough would not hold together for the egg rolls. At least the filling was good.

    • Mary Frances says:

      Mary, I’ll email you directly to see if I can help with this.

    • MARY WENDLAND says:

      just a note to everyone- I just want everyone to know I have gotten so much out of Mary Frances’ hard work for those of us that need the Gluten Free recipes and videos. I was so frustrated when I last wrote on this blog. I have been making her sandwich bread every other weekend and love the cupcakes and cookies too. I have tried many other authors, books, frozen products etc which don’t come close to real food or tasting good. I’ll just stay away from making eggrolls. please forgive me for my previous ranting on the egg rolls.. mary in Glendale

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