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Gluten Free Menu Swap - November 5th

November 4, 2007

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The leaves are starting to change color here in Alabama and my winter garden of greens is flourishing. I think that the arugula and lettuce are almost ready to harvest, so I made sure to include them in my menu for this week. And as soon as we get our first frost the chard, collards, and kale will be ready to eat.

I am hosting the Gluten Free Menu Swap this week, (the special ingredient is greens, if you haven’t already guessed) and I will be adding links to everyone else’s menus so be sure to come back to see them all. If you’d like to participate all the information you need is on the Ginger Lemon Girl at Gluten Free Mommy.

Gluten Free Menus
Mrs. G. F. (aka Slacker Mom) is starting off the week with Clean out My Fridge Crockpot Chicken soup on Monday night. She also posted a picture of her new butler’s pantry/gluten kitchen. You can check out the rest of her menu and see the picture here.

Sea at Book of Yum is having Fried Corn Tacos on Tuesday. Be sure to check out the rest of her menu which features recipes from India, Korea & Japan, the Southern U.S., and Mexico.

Sally at Aprovechar is joining us for the first time this week and has a great menu lined up. I will definitely be going back to check out the Blackbean & Chocolate Chili as well as the Turkey & Cranberry Baked Potato.

Karen at Gluten-Free Sox is really outdoing herself with pasta lately. She’s already made ravioli and fettuccine and she has tortellini on the menu for this week. I’m also eager to hear more about the Tomato and Artichoke soup on Thursday night.

Ornery’s Wife from Thoughts from Miller Manor is our second new participant this week. She’s has included several desserts, such as Quinoa Applesauce Cake and Apricot Fruit Bread in her menu. She is also soyfree, so be sure to check out her recipes if you are allergic to soy too.

Carrie at Ginger Lemon Girl is making her friend John’s Pumpkin Lasagna. (Carrie you have to send me the recipe even if you don’t post it. I just froze an entire Blue Hubbard squash this weekend and I need some ideas on what to do with it.) Check out the rest of the menu, which includes more recipes from friends, here.

And last but not least, Natalie at Gluten Free Mommy has posted some great information on why greens are an especially good food for celiacs. It sounds like Sea and I might have even convinced her that they taste good since she’s having Pesto Penne with Kale, Bacon and Mushrooms on Friday night. Click here for the rest of simple, yet really yummy menu.

If you’re participating in the Gluten Free Menu Swap this week, email the permalink for your post to maryfrances[at]glutenfreecookingschool[dot]com. I think I’ve added everyone that’s emailed or commented so far, but if I’ve missed you please let me know in the comments.

This Week’s Menu:

Sunday: Fried Brown Rice

Monday: Book of Yum’s Savory Chard & Polenta Soup

Tuesday:Garlic Chicken (or Tofu) Stir-Fry with Quinoa, Peppers and Basil & Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday:Book of Yum’s Curry Sweet Potato Peanut Soup with Toasted Tofu Sandwiches with Cranberry Sauce and Arugula

Thursday:Portabella Fajitas

Friday: Gluten Free Pizza – mine will definitely have bell pepper, onion, pineapple, mushroom, baked tofu, and arugula. John’s will probably be mostly the same but with a lot of black olives. If time and energy permit I’ll also make a green salad fresh from the garden.

Saturday: Nana’s Texas Spaghetti and another green salad fresh from the garden.

Sunday: African Bean and Sweet Potato Stew

Check back this week for posts on:
Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast
Impossible Pumpking Pie
and pictures of my first attempt at Gluten Free Tortellini



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