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By Mary Frances Pickett


Gluten Free Menu Swap – January 21st

January 20, 2008

I haven’t planned my menu yet. We went shopping on Thursday and I just bought a ton of vegetables and normal pantry stocking things.  But it’s 10:18 on Sunday night and I need to get this post up, so I’m going to share my general thoughts and ideas of what we’ll be eating over the coming week.

Monday: Karina’s Potato Soup and TLTs

Tuesday: something with eggplant (please someone suggest something in the comments, I’m not feeling very inspired!)

Wednesday: Sweet Potato Peanut Stew from Fat Free Vegan

Thursday: Black Bean Burgers, Fries and Coleslaw

Friday: Stuffed Poblano Peppers, Refried Black Beans, Mango Salsa

Saturday: Ravioli with some sort of creamy sauce

Sunday: some sort of asian style tofu dish…probably from Book of Yum.

Other ideas: Baked Potatoes with BBQ tofu from Book of Yum. (We had it this week and it was awesome); Nana’s Texas Spaghetti; green salads; Tofu, apple/wild rice skille; polenta;

So that went pretty well. We should at least have something on the table every night. I was tempted to skip the menu this week because I’m overwhelmed with other things. But that’s exactly when a menu is most helpful.

Carrie at Ginger-Lemon Girl is hosting the menu swap this week, so head over and check out her round-up of all the menus.

P.S. If you curious about why I’m overwhelmed (and I would be if I were you) it’s nothing serious. In the space of 3 days last week I resigned from one accounting firm and started working at another accounting firm. This is a really good change, but it’s worn me out and I’m guessing that it will take a few weeks to adjust to a new schedule, new people, new procedures, and new clients.

And, just for the heck of it,  here’s a new picture of David. David does not usually like greens unless they are pureed, but evidently they are much better when eaten raw and dipped in hummus. John was so amazed at this that he called me at work to let me know…I didn’t believe him at first =)

David eating spinach and hummus



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