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Delicious! Gluten Free Cakes

When birthday’s roll around, there’s nothing more important (especially for kids) than the gluten free cake. Whether you want to create amazing cupcakes or buy a decadent flourless chocolate torte for the adult-kid in your family, there more options now than ever before when it comes to gluten free cakes.

Where to Buy Gluten Free Cakes

If you are in a hurry and need a gluten free cake right away, there are a few different places to try. First, check the internet to see if there is a gluten free bakery in your area. With more and more people having issues with wheat and gluten there is an increase of gluten free bakeries. The next place to try is your local health food store or even your local specialty supermarket. Many grocers are now offering gluten free baked goods as part of their regular inventory. A quick phone call may find you an amazing cake.

Recipes for Gluten Free Cakes
If you decide to create your own wheat and gluten free cakes, there are a couple of different ways you can approach it.

The first way is to make a cake from a gluten free cake recipe. There are tons of amazing gluten free cake recipes available online. There are also a host of great gluten free cookbooks too. In addition to wonderful cake recipes, cookbooks have the added benefit of providing great baking and cooking tips that can save you time and frustration.

The second method of baking a gluten free cake from scratch would be to find a gluten free all purpose flour and then use any cake recipe you want. You’d need to make sure that every ingredient you use is gluten free (gluten free baking soda, baking powder, etc.). Some recipes only need a slight modification. Gluten free cheesecake for example will only require a different crust. Using gluten free ingredients for what was once a wheat flour recipe will work most of the time, but this method is best if you have time to do some test baking as results will vary a bit when you use different ingredients than what was originally called for in a recipe.

Another method is to purchase a gluten free cake mix which is a bit easier than doing everything from scratch. There are some terrific mixes on the market and most are extremely easy to prepare. Add some oil, milk (cow, rice or soy) and sometimes an egg, mix and bake.

Whether you decide to buy your gluten free cakes from a local gluten free bakery or make one from scratch, its a good feeling to know that gluten free doesn’t mean cake free! From light and fluffy white cake to dark and decadent chocolate cake you’ll be able to make any kind of cake you can think of – and feel good knowing it won’t hurt your health.