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How to Avoid Gluten Foods

When you’re first trying to eliminate gluten foods from your diet, it can seem overwhelming. There are so many processed foods with ingredients that are difficult to decipher that it can be hard to even know which foods contain gluten. In this article we’ll give you some tips on how to avoid gluten foods so you can be free of symptoms and have a happier, healthier life.

Get Organized
The first step is to create a list of gluten foods so you know what to watch out for.This gluten foods list will serve as a reference for you and you should add to it as you discover more foods or ingredients that contain gluten. In addition to your gluten foods list, yo should create a non gluten foods list that can function as your shopping list. As you find gluten free products that you enjoy, add to your list. Over time this list will become your primary shopping guide.

Plan Ahead
If you want to make sure that you know which gluten foods to avoid in tough situations like restaurants and social events, do your homework ahead of time. Think about what you’ll order from a restaurant while staying gluten free. If you’re invited to dinner be sure to let the host or hostess know about your dietary requirements (why not share your non gluten food list with them?) and ask if you can bring a gluten free dish. Most people run into trouble following a gluten free lifestyle when they don’t plan ahead and find themselves in a situation where there are no gluten free options.

Keep a Positive Attitude
Changing your eating habits can be difficult. It takes perseverance and dedication over a long period of time before eating strictly gluten free will feel natural. The key is to keep a positive attitude. Remember that most food is naturally gluten free. There are only a few gluten containing grains – and now there are substitutes for most products that would normally not be allowed. Any time you feel discouraged, think about how you feel when you eat gluten and how much better your health is when you don’t. Also think about all the amazing gluten free options available in the supermarkets today. From gluten free cakes and cookies to breads and pancakes there really isn’t anything that can’t be made as a non gluten food. You can even make your own bread with a gluten free bread machine.

The key to avoiding gluten foods is to stay organized, keep a positive outlook and do a bit of planning before you’re in a situation you’re not certain of. The health benefits are well worth the investment of time and effort.