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The Coeliac Society – A Great Resource

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease, finding all the resources you can is important to learning about your condition. The coeliac society is one of the organizations that you should become familiar with as they are a tremendous source of information and support. In this article we’ll give you a quick overview of this great organization along with some contact information and tips for getting involved.

What is the Coeliac Society?
Coeliac Society is a UK based charity dedicated to helping people who have been diagnosed with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis (DH). They provide a great service in the UK offering support, research and campaigning. Anyone who has been diagnosed by their physician with coeliac disease or DH can join the charity. They currently have over 50,000 members and hundreds more join each month.

The coeliac society is a great resource for individuals in the UK (and also out of it) when it comes to finding information on gluten free foods, gluten free recipes and following a gluten free diet. In addition to all of the support they provide their members, they’re also very active in raising money for much needed research. One of the great benefits of being a member is the monthly updates they send out on the research and advancements that are being made in treating coeliac disease.

Types of Coeliac Society Support
For £20 per year, you can join the coeliac society if you have been diagnosed with coeliac disease or DH. You can also join if you are the parent or guardian of someone who has been diagnosed. There are significant benefits of becoming a member of the coeliac society. Some of those benefits include:

  • Food and Drink Directory – Their gluten free products list is amazing. Over 10,000 products are listed and the directory is updated each month. It’s available online.
  • Food and Drink Hotline – This live help hotline can provide information on the ingredients of foods and drinks.
  • Dietician Hotline – Speak to a dietitian about your condition. You can also ask submit questions via an internet form.
  • Crossed Grain Magazine – Their 3x yearly magazine provides information and inspirational stories.
  • eXG – A monthly online newsletter that gives the food and drink directory updates along with news and medical advancements.

Coeliac Society Contact Information
High Wycombe office
3rd Floor
Apollo Centre
Desborough Road
High Wycombe
HP11 2QW


Switchboard: 01494 437278
Fax: 01494 474349
Helpline: 0845 305 2060

Being diagnosed with coeliac disease or DH is a life changing experience. By joining groups like the Coeliac Society you can draw on a huge wealth of knowledge. Having knowledgeable people to call or email can make a world of difference as you’re trying to learn all you can about this serious condition. You’re not in it alone and the Coeliac Society can help.

Great Sources for Celiac Recipes

Any time you learn to cook a new type of food, whether it’s Chinese, French or Gluten Free, it’s a good idea to get instruction and inspiration from outside sources. Making a fabulous gluten free recipe can be straightforward and satisfying. Here are a few sources for recipes for your gluten free diet.

Online Recipes
Want to know the basics of cooking quinoa? Don’t know how to create a gluten free cake? If you want to make tasty and satisfying gluten free food, your best bet for finding recipes is online. There are many benefits to online recipes. The primary benefit is that most online celiac recipes are free. If you’re willing to put in some effort trying multiple recipes you’re sure to come away with the experience with new found knowledge and a recipe box full of new favorite dishes. Be forewarned however that online recipes haven’t necessarily been tested in a professional kitchen so results may vary. One thing you can do to improve your results is to make sure you use the brands mentioned in the recipe.

Gluten Free Cookbooks
While online recipe sources are a great way to find inexpensive recipes, there is a benefit to having a few gluten free cookbooks on your bookshelves. Cookbooks can be vital resources when it comes to general gluten free cooking techniques. If you want to understand why you need to add xanthan gum to a gluten or wheat free bread, for example, a free internet recipe will not have that information while a good gluten free cookbook will. (The answer to the question, by the way, is that xanthan gum helps to provide the chewy texture that is found in gluten.)

Gluten Free Magazines
If you’re looking for some seasonal recipe ideas, gluten free magazines can be a great resource. Most magazines have a section entirely devoted to recipes and cooking tips. If you find a recipe, gluten free appetizers for example, that sounds appealing but you don’t have time to make it in the immediate future, be sure to clip it out for use another day. Some organizations like the Coeliac Society produce monthly newsletters that are also a great source of recipes.

Invent Your Own
Once you’ve been cooking gluten free meals for awhile, why not try your hand at creating your own recipes? After acquiring some experience with combining different types of ingredients to substitute for wheat flour, and seeing which types of processed foods contain gluten – chances are you’ll be ready to create your own culinary masterpieces. And there is no better teacher than experience – and experiments!

Gluten free cooking can be rewarding and fun – and it’s even easier when you have great recipes. By trying recipes from a myriad of sources you’ll increase your cooking experience and expand the variety at your table.

A Celiac Diet Overview

Celiac disease is a serious condition but learning to follow a celiac diet plan doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a little planning, an adventuresome spirit and some time in the kitchen you’ll be a pro at preparing celiac diet foods in no time. Read on for an overview of the recommended celiac diet.

Celiac Diet Foods
The first thing to become familiar with are the foods that are allowed. The good news is that the vast majority of foods are on the gluten free foods list. The foods that are not OK are: wheat, barley, rye and oats and any product containing those grains. On the surface that sounds easy enough, but it becomes more complicated when you realize how many processed foods contain a gluten containing grain. The easiest way to avoid this, especially when you’re first learning to live a gluten free lifestyle is to do as much cooking from scratch as you can.

If you feel discouraged and that you have a lack of options, just remember all the foods that are naturally gluten free. All fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, meats and dairy products do not contain gluten. You can even enjoy gluten free alcohol made with hops or other gluten free grains. While most of us enjoy bread, cereals and baked goods there is no reason these things can’t be made with gluten free ingredients. There are also other gluten free grains. Cooking quinoa and buckwheat can be satisfying as well.

Celiac Diet Recipes
The wonderful thing about the internet is the vast amount of information that is available – and generally the information is free. If you need to find a gluten free recipe for baked goods, chances are all you’ll need to do is type in ‘gluten free cupcakes’ and you’ll find at least a couple different celiac recipes to try. If you make yourself a goal to try one new recipe a week, in a short period of time you’ll have a recipe box full of new favorites.

Another great source of recipes are cookbooks. The benefit of a published cookbook is that the recipes are generally better tested than the free recipes you can find. Good gluten free cookbooks also include a variety of cooking tips and hints that can save you time and frustration as you learn to substitute white or brown rice flour, tapioca flour and other ingredients for the traditional white flour. Even if you find the bulk of your recipes online consider purchasing at least one gluten free baking cookbook.

Celiac support groups or organizations are another great resource for quality recipes. Check out the Celiac Society and all the great benefits they offer to members.

The key to any new lifestyle change is attitude. If you approach the celiac diet with an upbeat outlook you’ll find that it isn’t that much different than traditional cooking – and in fact, you may find some recipes that you prefer over wheat containing recipes. The benefit of adopting a gluten free diet is a drastic improvement in health – and what could be better than that?

Living Life Gluten Free

If you or someone you know is gluten intolerant, has a gluten allergy, or has a more serious condition such as Celiac disease, you may be wondering how to change your diet to eliminate gluten. After all, gluten can be found in a wide variety of products found at the grocery store. It’s in obvious places like cereals, breads, bakery goods and pasta but it is also hiding in less-obvious places like soy sauce and even French fries. In this article we’ll discuss adopting the gluten free lifestyle and some tips and tricks to eating great, without the gluten.

Gluten Free Food

The great thing is – there is a ton of food out there that does not contain gluten. Beef, chicken, fish – all protein sources get the green light. Veggies, fruits, nuts – all are great choices for folks looking to avoid gluten. Rice is fine, as is cheese and dairy products. Fats and oils – no problem. What about pancakes and cookies and other baked items? If you use the right grain, you’ll be fine. Montina, buckwheat, millet, amaranth and quinoa are all grains that are gluten free – and that’s just a partial list. There are a wide variety of recipes out there – give gluten free bread a try!

Gluten Free Restaurants

With more and more people developing gluten intolerances or being diagnosed with Celiac disease, more restaurants are offering gluten free offerings. While there are few restaurants where the entire menu is gluten free, often you can find a restaurant where a selection of entrées do not contain gluten. Since you can’t read the packaging, be prepared to ask lots of questions. When in doubt, stick to meats and veggies.

A Gluten Free Diet Does Not Mean Giving up the Good Stuff

At first the thought of life without wheat seems daunting. Does that mean no more cookies? No pies? No beer?! Not at all – armed with the right information and good recipes you can make gluten free versions of all your favorite foods – without sacrificing flavor. You can even find a wide variety of gluten free beer. If you approach the gluten free lifestyle with energy and enthusiasm you’ll find an amazing assortment of foods and recipes to try – even gluten free cheesecake. With so many great tasting options, chances are you will not even miss the wheat – especially when you’ll be feeling great.

Life without gluten is necessary thing for people with intolerances, allergies and more severe conditions. Fortunately there are a huge variety of foods that don’t contain gluten – including all the good things in life. So think of a food you love, let’s say pizza, and challenge yourself to make the most amazing gluten free pizza in the world. Find a few recipes and give it a try. Chances are you’ll be more than happy you did.