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How to Create Your Own Gluten Free Recipe

One of the fun parts of cooking is gaining enough experience to create your own recipes. It can be even more rewarding to create your own gluten free recipe because you know that it will be a great healthy alternative.  Here are a few ways to get started creating a successful gluten free recipe.

Get Inspired
The first step is to get some experience with existing gluten free recipes. One great source is a gluten free recipe book. Gluten free recipe books are tested and will produce great results. They can also be a great source of general information about gluten free cooking and baking.

Recipe Journal
Recipe journals can be a great source for gluten free recipe ideas. Each time you make a recipe from a book or from an online gluten free recipe, make a note of how it turned out in a cooking journal. Add any notes about how you would improve it next time. For example, maybe you found an amazing gluten free cheesecake recipe, but the crust was not gluten free. Write that down in your journal – you now have an idea for your first gluten free recipe: the perfect gluten free cheesecake crust.

Organize Your Pantry
In order to be successful at creating your own recipes, you need a well stocked pantry. Be sure to have on hand gluten free flours, gluten free baking soda and powder, gluten free pastas and any other staples that you enjoy cooking and baking with. That way, when the inspiration hits you’re already prepared and don’t need to make a special trip to the store.

Experiment and Take Notes!
Once you’ve found the type of recipe you’d first like to create, it’s time to head to the kitchen. Plan on trying several variations of your target recipe to find the perfect version. As you make each version, write down your ingredients and preparation notes. Then, once you’ve had a chance to try each one, rate them!

Fun with the Family
Sometimes it can be more fun to cook with others. Ask your family what special meal or dessert they’d love to have – then invent the recipe together! Maybe they’d like a gluten free version of chicken and dumplings. What a fun way to spend a Saturday – in the kitchen, covered in rice flour, learning how to create gluten free dumplings. You could even prepare a gluten free appetizer as well. Cooking with your kids and spouse can be a bonding experience. It will be even more so when you sit down to eat a meal that you created yourself – down to the gluten free recipe.

While creating your own gluten free recipe is time consuming, it is extremely rewarding. If you do enough of your own cooking and baking you may even be able to create enough recipes to create a gluten free cook book.