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The Truth About Gluten Free Oats

Most of the time oats is listed as one of the grains that can not be consumed with folks with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. However, it isn’t because oats contain gluten! In fact, oats are a great gluten free grain. Oats are typically classified as containing gluten because the vast majority of oats are harvested and processed along with gluten containing wheat, rye and barley. There are some manufacturers who are now following careful growing procedures to bring gluten free oats to market. If you’ve missed oatmeal in the morning or oatmeal cookies for dessert, you may now be able to add them back to your regular menu.

Certified Gluten Free Oats
In order for oats to be certified gluten free, they must undergo a significant testing process by Gluten Free Certification Organization – the country’s only gluten free certification outfit. One company, Gifts of Nature, provides both certified gluten free whole oats and groats. They grow their oats on segregated fields, and use dedicated gluten free equipment to plant, harvest and transport the crop.  If you’re looking for certified gluten free oats organic style you may have to do a bit more legwork. Real Foods one brand that offers a organic gluten free oats product. Most others are gluten free but are not organic.

Gluten Free Oats Brands
If you’re looking for gluten free oats, try searching for these brands:

  • Gifts of Nature – Certified – also sells groats
  • Real Foods – Certified and Organic
  • Bob’s Red Mill – Offers Steel Cut oats
  • Gluten Free Oats
  • Holly’s – Gluten free oatmeal

Shopping for Gluten Free Oats
Most of the gluten free oats brands listed above will be more easily found online. You may have some luck at a local health food store but chances are you won’t be able to find more than one or two of the above brands locally. For best results do an internet search. Compare prices between merchants and don’t forget to factor in shipping costs from each one!

Gluten Free Oats Recipes
Once you find a good quality source for gluten free oats you’ll find you can incorporate oats into hundreds of delicious recipes. It’s nice to be able to use oats as a morning breakfast, or create a hearty apple crisp using apples, oats, sugar, butter, spices and a little rice flour. Oats are a great ingredient in many gluten free snacks. The internet is a wealth of gluten free oats recipes – and best of all, they’re free!

Once you understand that oats are naturally gluten free and its just the processing that is the issue, the search for gluten free oats begins! Why not give all the brands a try to find the one you enjoy most?