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Your Local Gluten Free Bakery

When you first began learning about gluten free food, chances are wondering how you were going to get gluten free bread and other baked goods was high on your priority list. For most people, purchasing gluten free products from a health food store or grocery store is the way to go – for both ready-made baked goods like gluten free cookies and also for ingredients to bake. In this article we’ll discuss another avenue for getting amazing gluten free snacks – your local gluten free bakery.

Gluten Free Bakeries
As the demand for gluten free products has increased, so has the availability of local gluten free bakeries. Some of these bakeries offer a limited but unbelievably tasty variety of products. Some may only carry bread and gluten free cake for example. Others may have a full line of gluten free pastries, cookies, wheat free bread, biscuits, muffins, gluten free cheesecake, gluten free pizzas and possibly custom foods like gluten free appetizers. If you have a gluten free bakery in your area make it a priority to give them a try. Sample a product from each category if you can. A local gluten free bakery can be a great resource for custom orders like gluten free crackers – not to mention just a place you know you can get wonderful baked goods that will be healthy as well.

How to Find a Gluten Free Bakery
The easiest way to locate a gluten free bakery is to do a search online. If your town doesn’t have a bakery, try the next largest city. If you have a gluten free bakery within a reasonable driving distance it’s worth it to investigate. Gluten free bakeries follow strict guidelines to ensure that all of their products are gluten free. Imagine walking in and knowing that everything is on the ‘approved’ list for folks with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

Gluten Free Ingredients
How do gluten free bakeries do it? Instead of using gluten containing ingredients like wheat flour or products that contain wheat, rye, barley or cross contaminated oats, they use 100% gluten free ingredients. Rice, amaranth, tapioca, sorghum and teff flours are all used in a variety of products. Xanthan gum is added to improve the texture of flours that don’t have natural elasticity. Potato starch and cornstarch are also used. Gluten free bakeries also make sure to incorporate gluten free versions of baking soda, baking powder and every other ingredient that goes into their products.

When you first begin to experiment with gluten free cooking there are hits and misses. We’ve all had our experiences with cakes that turn out like hockey pucks or cookies that just didn’t make the grade. A gluten free bakery is a resource you can draw on when you want a gluten free item and you want it to be perfect without having to go to all the work yourself.

Yes! You Can Make Gluten Free Cookies

When individuals are first diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, often the first reaction is worry. “What will I eat?!” “Does this mean I can’t have cookies or pasta?” These and other questions will likely be some of the first questions as the implications are realized. Fortunately you CAN eat cookies, pasta, bread and all your other favorites. The difference is just in how you prepare it. In this article we’ll discuss types of gluten free cookies, how to find easy to make recipes and how to get the best results. With this information you’ll be well on your way to whipping up a batch of your favorite cookies, the gluten-free way.

Types of Gluten Free Cookies
When you think of gluten free cookies chocolate chip is probably one of the first types to spring to mind. Whether you like drop cookies, peanut butter or sugar cookies you can find a gluten free recipe to make it. Out of the most popular gluten free cookies oatmeal is likely on the top of the list. When you go to make oatmeal cookies however, remember to purchase gluten free oats since most oats are manufactured alongside wheat and can be subject to cross-contamination.

Easy Gluten Free Cookies
The easiest gluten free cookies are probably the ones you purchase from the grocery store. Many of the brands available are delicious – you may not make it home with many left in the box. But if you’re looking for easy recipes, take a look online. Now that you can purchase gluten free oats, give no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies a try. No bake cookies are some of the easiest to make, and they store great in the freezer!

Getting the Best Results
You can make nearly any kind of cookie you can think of – provided that you follow a few guidelines. You need to find a suitable replacement flour. Often, in baked goods, sweet rice flour is a good option. You’ll also want to be sure to use gluten-free baking powder and gluten free vanilla and chocolate chips. While you wouldn’t expect gluten in chocolate chips or vanilla, surprisingly gluten can be a hidden ingredient so make sure to purchase a gluten-free brand.

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to collect gluten free cookie recipes. There’s nothing more fun than spending the afternoon in the kitchen whipping up a few varieties of cookies to try. Make it a family event and have a taste-testing session and see which varieties will become new family favorites.