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Gluten Free Cereal – A Great Way to Start the Day

Breakfast is a very important meal. For millions of Americans cereal is a major component of breakfast on a daily basis. If you’re gluten intolerant finding a good gluten free breakfast can be a challenge. Cereals aren’t just breakfast food either – many people enjoy cereal as a snack or use it as a base to make cookies and pie crusts. In this article we’ll explore a few gluten free cereal brands and give a few recommendations of cereals to try. Whether you enjoy hot or cold cereal, sweetened or unsweetened you’re likely to find something you will fall in love with.

Gluten Free Cereal List
This is a partial list of gluten free cereals to try. We’ve noted a few characteristics of each cereal. It’s a good idea to try several brands to see which one you prefer. Cereals, like other gluten free food can be a little more expensive than the traditional counterparts. If cost is a factor, consider purchasing your gluten free cereals in bulk. Sometimes you can find great deals online. Watch for sales, particularly when merchants offer free shipping. Now on to the list!

Hot Cereals
One of the best ways to start a cold winter day is with a hot breakfast. There are several different gluten free hot cereals to try. One of the best is Gluten Free Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal from Bob’s Red Mill. Add a few raisins and some brown sugar and you’re all set. If you enjoy oatmeal, give Lara’s Rolled Oats a try. Gluten Freeda also has several instant oatmeal varieties to choose from. Just be sure to use gluten free oats.

Cold Cereals
There is a growing variety of gluten free cold cereals to choose from. Whether you enjoy slightly sweet cornflakes or prefer unsweetened puffed rice you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. Here are a few on the top of our recommended list.

  • Nature’s Path Corn Flakes – A great basic classic, these corn flakes are great as a breading substitute as well as a breakfast cereal.
  • Nature’s Path Gorilla Munch – If you like cereal as a snack you’ll love this cereal. Somewhat addictive, so watch out! These sweet balls of corn are great right out of the box.
  • Barbara’s Bakery Puffins – This wholesome slightly sweet cereal is sure to please and stays crispy in milk.
  • General Mills Chex – Available in a variety of flavors Chex is now gluten free.
  • Arrowhead Mills Maple Buckwheat Flakes – This cereal is simply amazing. It’s organic and delicious.

Gluten free does not mean cereal free. Take a look in the health food section of your grocery store and pick up a box (or several!) of gluten free cereal. You’ll be glad you did!