7 Things To Know About Gluten Free Food

What exactly is gluten free food? What are the benefits of eating a gluten free diet? Read on to learn 7 things about living gluten free.

1. What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, rye and barley. It’s the substance that gives dough its elasticity.

2. What is gluten free food?

Gluten free means that there is no gluten in the product. There is a huge assortment of food available that does not contain gluten – even products like cookies, bread, pizza and other foods you would normally associate with wheat.

3. Why eat a gluten free diet?

A growing percentage of people are becoming sensitive or allergic to gluten, and some have a more serious illness called celiac disease. Some common celiac disease symptoms are diarrhea, mental fogginess, and stomach pain several hours after eating gluten ,among other symptoms. By avoiding gluten it’s possible to completely eliminate these symptoms and lead a healthier happier life.

4. What kind of foods are gluten free?

Creating a comprehensive gluten free food list would take more space than we have for this article. This is simply because most food is gluten free! All vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, legumes, oils and sugars are gluten free. As for grains: rice, buckwheat, corn, amaranth, quinoa, and sorghum are just a few that are gluten free.

5. Where can I buy gluten free food?

Most grocery stores stock a small percentage of gluten free items like gluten free pasta, gluten free bread, and other baked goods. More and more, gluten free flour is becoming available at your local grocer. For specialty items, the best bet is to check online or at a local health food store. Depending on where you live you may also be able to find specialty gluten free food stores.

6. Is gluten free food organic?

Not necessarily. Some companies do produce organic gluten free products, but not all, so be sure to check labels if buying organic is important to you.

7. Is gluten free food easy to prepare?

Yes! Gluten free cooking is fairly straightforward and easy to learn. If you are comfortable following a recipe you can make amazing gluten free foods. And if you prefer not to spend lots of time in the kitchen there are gluten free mixes and ready-made products too.

Gluten free food is a wonderful thing. New products are introduced all the time and gluten free flours and pastas mean that even if you can’t eat wheat you can still enjoy baked goods, pizza, spaghetti and more.