5 Things to Know about Gluten Free Pasta

Learning to eat gluten free is an adjustment. While there is a definite list of dos and don’ts when it comes to eating right – the good news is that pasta is still on the list. Read on to find out how gluten free pasta is different, the types of brands available, where to get recipes and what to expect from gluten free pasta. While gluten free pasta may not be exactly the same as the wheat-based pasta you’ve been used to it’s a relief to know that gluten-free pasta is available as a replacement.

How is Gluten Free Pasta Different?
The main difference is that gluten free pasta does not contain wheat, rye, barley or any of the gluten containing grains. It also means that the pasta was not made on equipment that was shared with wheat products since cross contamination can be an issue.

Most gluten-free pasta is pretty similar to wheat pasta especially when prepared according to directions and served hot. Gluten free pasta can be used as a substitute in any recipe that calls for regular pasta. For dishes served cold, like gluten free pasta salad it’s a good idea to try a few brands of pasta and chill the leftovers to find brands that would work well. Try cooking quinoa as well. While not a pasta by definition it is a great for pasta salads.

Gluten Free Pasta Brands
If you’re interested in trying gluten free pasta made from rice try any of the following brands:

  • Notta
  • Lundberg
  • Tinkyada

For pasta made from corn, try:

  • Glutano
  • DeBoles
  • Ancient Harvest

There are a few brands that make a wide variety of pasta like Hodgson Mill and Some stores, such as Trader Joe’s also have their own house brand of gluten free pasta. Most grocery stores that have a health food section also carry a selection of gluten free pastas.

Where to Find Gluten Free Pasta Recipes
If you’re interested in making your own pasta you’ll have no trouble finding a gluten free pasta recipe online. Most recipes call for a pasta maker, but you can also find recipes where you cut the pasta by hand after creating a gluten free dough. While you’re looking for pasta recipes, why not also look for a gluten free garlic bread recipe to go with your pasta dinner?

If you’re new to  gluten free cooking take heart that you don’t have to give up pasta. Enjoy spaghetti, lasagna, angel hair and even macaroni – all made from gluten free flours. Experiment with recipes you find online or try your own! Nothing beats the taste of freshly made pasta – especially when you know that it’s good for you.