Review: Udi’s Gluten Free Hotdog Buns

Our conversation earlier in the grocery store earlier this week:

John: “Look babe, they have Udi’s gluten free hot dog buns! Oh my gosh, do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a hotdog with real bun? Ten years! TEN YEARS! We’re having hotdogs for lunch on Saturday!”

Okay, I guess that wasn’t as much of a conversation as I remembered. But I think I’ve made my point (and paid John back for all of the times he’s quoted me on Facebook). John was super, super excited about Udi’s hot dog buns.

We went back to the store on Friday to do our grocery shopping for the weekend and the hotdog meal was quickly moved up the schedule to “let’s eat is at soon as we get home!” Okay =)

Here’s a picture of John’s second gluten free hotdog.

As you can see, Udi’s got the color and texture of the crust just right. The texture of the bread is spot-on too. It has all of those tiny little holes just like manufactured wheat-flour breads. Unfortunately, the only thing that you can think of once you take a bite is, “Oh my, this is dry!”

The buns come 6 to a package and we paid $5.99 for them at a Krogers in Kentucky. This is probably less expensive than a meal out, but it’s hard to pay $1 per bun. So hard, that I couldn’t make myself buy a bag of Udi’s bagels on the same shopping trip. John did suggest that we should cut the buns in half next time so that we could have 12 hotdogs, and that’s a good option to make this more practical from a budget standpoint. There was a lot of bread around each weiner.

Overall, it was lovely to have a hotdog with a “real” bun, but I don’t see myself searching this out like I do some of the other gluten free products that we love.

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  1. We didn’t like Udi’s either, pretty dry and grainy. We have fallen in love with Gluten Free Houston/Gluten Free Nation. While I do prefer to make my own GF foods and thanks to your website it usually tastes wonderful, on busy weeks I go to the bakery (just 2 miles for our place) and pick up baked goods. Their hotdog buns are usually a must!

  2. Completely agree — too dry and not worth the expense. (We actually did cut them in half, using half a bun per dog which was plenty of bread for the amount of meat.)

  3. I totally agree. I was so pumped to see the hotdog rolls so that I could have a nice dog or sausage with kraut crammed in it!:> Alas, it fell apart and was pretty taste-less. I went back to eating my dogs/sausages with kraut only:>(which still tastes great..if I can get a great roll which soaks up the kraut flavor and doesn’t fall apart..mmmmm)

  4. i was excited to find these in the store as well, but disappointed when they immediately split in half. If I get these again, I’ll use your suggestion and cut them in half to start with :)

  5. Hi Mary Frances,

    We’re so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our hot dog buns! We would love to grab some more information from you so that we can figured out what went wrong with that batch. Would you mind shooting us an email at Thanks so much and again we sincerely apologize!
    Suzanne Wolke

  6. Haven’t tried the hotdog buns but my daughter loves the Udi’s bagels. She uses them all the time for sandwiches or pizza.

  7. When I have used the Udi breads, I also felt they were quite dry, so I put the slice or bun in the Microwave for 15 to 30 seconds. It came out hot and moister. I didn’t wrap it in a damp paper towel or anything. So now I just microwave any bread before making it into a sandwich or whatever.

    Frances you have been a lifesaver, I was just diagnosed 3 months ago and am having a lot of fun to figure out new and different things. My husband is not intolerant but likes the breads etc much better then the old stuff.

    Thanks for everything.

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