The Slacker’s Guide To A Gluten Free Thanksgiving: 8 Days Before ThanksgivingGluten Free thanksgiving

We’re back in the kitchen today to do a few more minutes of work that will save us some time on Thanksgiving day. For today’s work you’ll need a food processor, or a cutting board and chef’s knife; a skilled, and your choice of butter or vegetable oil. Figured out what we’re doing yet? That’s right. We’re prepping the veggies.

Today’s Assignment: Go through your Thanksgiving recipes and see what vegetables need to be diced and sauteed before they go into a recipe. Your stuffing recipe will probably have some, as well as any condensed cream soups. Dice up all of the veggies that you’ll need and go ahead and saute them now. We’ve only got a week until Thanksgiving, but I’d go ahead and freeze after they’ve cooled.


  1. Julia McDaniel says:

    I heard on the Gluten
    Summit last week that you have to be careful about turkeys —-many are injected with a vegetable broth which could contain gluten.

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