Open Thread: Your Burning Gluten Free Questions

Hi everyone,

Last weeks open thread went so well that I’d like to try another one. This week you can head down to the comments and leave your most urgent question about living gluten free or you can chime in and answer someone else’s questions.

Since I’ve been horrible about answering the questions that readers have left in the comments the past couple of weeks, I’m going to get things started by listing out their questions. I can’t wait to see what you have to say in response =)

P.S. Other gluten free bloggers, feel free to leave links to your blog when you’re answering someone’s questions.

P.P.S. If you’re new to my blog and wondering why I’m not posting, it is because I have a full time job on the side as a tax accountant. The closer we get to April 15th the crazier life gets around here and the less cooking, writing, laundry-washing, and dish-washing gets done =) We’ll return to a normal life and blog sometime between April 15th and May 1st (i.e., once I’ve had time for a bit of a vacation)

From Claudia (left as a comment on Finally, Really Good Sandwich Bread (with Brown Rice Flour):

Hi, I have the Breadman Ultimate machine. I don’t see an 80 minute setting. Should I start with the liquids, then the dry ingredients and bake as usual? The 80 minute setting seems so much easier.

From Psalm 40 (left as a comment on Finally, Really Good Sandwich Bread (with Brown Rice Flour):

ok, I finally am ready to try this. What settings should I program my zojirushi with (ie how long to preheat, rise then bake?) Thank you!

From Mich (left as a comment on Gluten Free Pizza Recipe)

Does anyone have a recipe for pizza dough that is gluten free, yeast free, dairy free? Can’t seem to find a recipe.

From Anna (left as a comment on How to Make Gluten Free Cream of Mushroom Soup)

Oh thank goodness for you :) I just found out I am allergic to many things that you are using to substitute for the milk, pardon my question but I still haven’t gotten the GF, CF…. lingo down. I can’t have soy either, do you think that Rice Dream would be alright in the soup with the oil to soy milk ratio you expained earlier? Thanks for help, I sure could use it!

From Aleta (left as a comment on Finally, Really Good Sandwich Bread (with Brown Rice Flour):

Hi. I’m really new to this, I changed our diets for our 5 year old son. I was thinking about making up a bunch of “necessities” all at once to make life easier. . . such as breads, muffins, cookies. Could you let me know if baking and freezing GF breads and such is recommended. Will they keep well?? Is there a certain way that I should package them up to help them keep. Also, like I said, I’m new (three days now) and I’m finding dinner ok. when i get a pancake recipe breakfast will be more than just eggs, but lunch is a task. Any suggestions on lunch, or breakfast for that matter? Thanks.

From M (left as a comment on my About page)

Hi, I am new to the whole gluten-free world and am intriqued by your recipes. There are especially a couple that I would like to try but can’t seem to locate the recipes on your site. They are the Black Bean Chalupas and Sweet Potato Peanut Stew.

From Adrienne (left as a comment on Finally, Really Good Sandwich Bread (with Brown Rice Flour):

Please tell me which brand of bread machine to look for that you used in making these breads. thanks again.


  1. M, the Sweet Potato Peanut Stew recipe are is from Susan at Fat Free Vegan. Her blog is one of the very first blogs that I read, and many of the recipes are gluten free or are easily convertible. I highly recommend it.

    The black bean chalupas was a throw-together meal with the black bean mixture from Black Bean Enchiladas, and the usual taco toppings, all wrapped in Kate’s gluten free wrap.

  2. We are a Charity Group based in Crawley, West Sussex, we commenced one year ago and now have around 60 members. We meet every month in the centre of Crawley and we are open to all people who suffer from an intolerance to gluten (not just coeliacs).
    We don’t charge all our services are free, our web site was developed free, see, it has over 30 gluten free recipes, which are in a pdf format, so they may be downloaded and printed. Our web site has now been opened by 19 countries and they love our GF Recipes. If you live in our area come along to our next meeting, its informal but very informative and you will meet lots of other people, of all ages, who share their experiences, or email us
    Don Tombs Organiser & Founder CGFG Tel/Fax 01293.402862

  3. for the person questioning about rice dream — do not use it! it’s not gluten-free, it contains barley. we use whole foods’ brand, it’s gluten-free and casein-free.

  4. For Claudia and Psalm 40: I found the manual for my Oster 5838 ExpressBake on its Amazon page – the cycle that I use has a 20 minutes knead (which I do without the blade) followed by a 18 minute rise and a 42 minute bake. Hopefully this info will help you find a similar setting or program your own, though there’s nothing wrong with just trying your machine’s normal bread setting and seeing how that does.

    For Adrienne I use a Oster 5838 ExpressBake which can be purchased for $69.95 at Amazon by clicking on the link. This is the only bread machine that I’ve used so I can’t say whether it is better or worse than others. However it has made plenty of loaves of bread for us in the 4.5 years that we’ve owned it.

  5. We have a GF Bread Recipe on our web site, this is specially for making bread in a machine, my wife uses it and the bread she bakes is yummy, just follow the meaurements very acurately, lets know if you like it.

  6. I am going to try to make wholesome foods for my grandma to eat gluten free. I need a substitute for cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup. A substitution would be greatly appreciated.