Primal Diet Trial – Days 1 & 2

Here is the first meal update for our 30-Day Primal Experiment. We won’t overwhelm you with daily meal updates, but we’ll keep track of what we’re eating and send it out every few days. I’m also planning to post the recipe for anything that I make that we love.

If you’ve been wondering what to eat on a naturally gluten free diet, here’s how we do it. If you have any questions about any of it, leave a comment and we’ll either answer in the comments or write a post about it, if needed.

Primal Meals – Day One and Two

Breakfast Day #1- J&M: omelettes with red bell pepper and portabella mushrooms; kids: omelettes with colby jack cheese

Lunch Day #1- J&M: tuna salad in romaine lettuce boats; kids: jicama sticks, nut butter, black olives, tuna salad

Kid’s snack Day #1: box of raisins, mixed nuts

Supper Day #1 – J&M: Chicken with lemon mustard sauce, green beans with caramelized onions, sauteed summer squash; kids: the same with the addition of Cinnamon Pecan Sweet Potatoes

Primal Supper: Day 1

Breakfast Day #2 – John: Chili Turkey with mustard; Mary: fasted; kids: scrambled eggs, raisins, nuts, leftover sweet potatoes from supper

Lunch Day #2 – J&M: green and veggie salad topped with turkey burgers, sunflower seeds and Caesar dressing; kids: cucumber and bell pepper slices with hummus, turkey burgers

Kid’s snack Day #2: apple slices with nut butter

Supper Day #2 – same as the night before because it was so good we wanted to jot down the recipes for the blog!!

Observations: During the first two days, the kids ate more cheese and cream than I would like. They are not super happy with veggies or meat mixed into their eggs, so we’ve gotten into the habit of adding cheese. Once we get to San Antonio I’ll pick up some nutritional yeast which they LOVE and sprinkle that on the eggs instead.

We’ve also been using peanut butter instead of almond or cashew butters, which would be a better choice. This was primarily a monetary decision because we’re in a small town and the nut butters are overpriced.

Everything that we ate was delicious and i haven’t heard any complaints about being hungry or wanting non-primal foods. The kids did ask for non-primal foods at the grocery store, but that was mostly because David is trying to figurd out which foods are primal and which are not =)

Now I’m off to get the kids started on snapping the green beans and cutting the squash. Recipes to come soon!


  1. I admire your challenge. I was and am a UN responsive celiac, meaning the GF diet alone did not handle my physical troubles 100%. I eventually tried Paleo after years of even working in the GF arena.

    I believe that green beans are not allowed in the Paleo diet. Beans, legumes ( and peanuts and p-butter) have toxins you may care to read about. I know you are gradually getting into this but to reap the benefits, you may want to avoid those and see how things go.

    For me the diet adhered to has helped not only myself SO well, but SO many people I work with, know and not know. MY husband has dropped so much weight despite all the “goodies” I now make Paleo: breads, cupcakes, muffins, crackers etc. All LOW to no carbs using only Paleo ingredients.

    This diet has been a journey and an eye opening, It is closer to the SCD ( Specific Carb Diet) than even our won CD diet, yet the SCD does allow some things us Paleo’s do not touch.

    Let me know if I can help in any way. I have three kids who have the gene and tow are celiac. They are grown but the two are strict Paleo’s now after seeing how different they feel—they love it too!

    I really enjoy your posts and thanks for sharing. I hope to learn form some of your experiences too.

    Best, Tina Turbin

    • Tina Turbin » Thanks, I’ll look into the green beans. I thought I’d read somewhere that they were okay because they are still green (not dried). The vegetable selections at the nearest grocery store were really not exciting so that’s what I went with. Hopefully we’ll have better choices at our next destination =) We’re definitely still working towards getting the last bit of soybean and canola oil out of our diets, and I haven’t yet mastered the art of finding grass-fed meats and pastured eggs while we move every 1 – 3 weeks. So….as with most things in life….it’s a work in progress =)

  2. I am following your journey with great interest. I have been GF for 9 years and found out very quickly that I did not do well with the GF grains and sugars. I slowly went over to a low carb(diabetes) paleo diet and it further improved my health.

    There does not seem to be one perfect paleo diet. I like what Chris Kresser has written on this.

    • Anne » Thanks for that great link. One of the reasons that we wanted to blog about this is that I think that a primal/paleo diet provides a good framework for eating for all of us, but especially for those with diabetes or who need to lose weight. Hopefully will bring this way of eating (that is naturally gluten-free) to the attention of more people who can be helped by it.

  3. As far as green beans, they are probably the least problematic of the legumes since they are more pod than bean. At least that is what Robb Wolf, who wrote Paleo Solution, said on a recent podcast.

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