Omission – A New Gluten Free Beer

It’s no secret that beer is one of my favorite things. Besides pizza, it was probably the thing I missed most about going on a gluten free diet, and I was seriously pumped a few years back when Anheuser-Busch started making Redbridge.

Since then, there have been several more gluten free beers released in the US – Bard’s, Lakefront New Grist, and a few others. We sampled several of the available GF beers a few months back in our gluten free beer tasting, and proclaimed Redbridge the winner over Bard’s and Shakparo.

I’ve really come to love the taste of Redbridge, and it’s been so long now since I’ve had a “regular” beer that I don’t even think about drinking anything else. (Although I do have to say that occasionally on a hot summer day, I do wish I could have a cold Corona with a lime.)

In any case, I heard about a new gluten free beer today called Omission Beer that is made by Widmer Bro’s Brewing Company. It comes in two flavors – a lager and a pale ale.

What’s interesting about Omission is that it is brewed with traditional beer ingredients, including barley malt. Other GF beers are generally brewed with sorghum (like Redbridge) or another gluten free ingredient like rice. Widmer Bro’s uses a proprietary process to remove the gluten from the beer, and tests each batch they brew – using the R5 Competive ELISA test – to make sure it contains less than 20 ppm of gluten.

You can even go to Omission’s website, put in the date on your bottle of beer, and view the results from the test that your batch of beer underwent. That’s pretty awesome. I put in March 2, 2012 (as that’s the example they give) and the test results showed less than 5 ppm of gluten (which if I’m not mistaken is the current limit of gluten tests).

Omission Beer is going to be released nationally (in fact, it may already be out) so hopefully we’ll come across it at some point and be able to sample one or two.

So what do you guys think? Has anyone tried Omission yet? How does the taste compare to other GF beers out there? Will you try Omission beer even though it’s made using gluten-containing ingredients? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Any company that uses a “proprietary process” is hiding something…usually a “created” process. And most secretly created processes are NOT natural. They tend to be things like the nasty chemical Hexane (used to refine vegetable oil) to remove something-which in this case is the gluten from barley.
    So NO, I WILL NOT buy anything to eat or drink unless ALL it’s ingredients are listed-including the “proprietary” ones with the chemical names. And nothing goes into my mouth that might even remotely possibly have gluten in it-dedicated facilities only!-so no “barely barley” beer!

    • Hi Wilson – Thanks for the comment. I can definitely respect the opinion that says you’re not putting anything in your body if the ingredients aren’t clearly listed.

      I don’t know if I would go so far to say that any company with a proprietary process is hiding something though. I think it’s possible that they might simply want to keep trade secrets away from competitors.

      - John

  2. looking into this proprietary process i found out what they use, its a product called brewers clarex and its designed to “clear” beers using an enzyme. this product is available to any brewer from commercial all the way down to the home brewer (i am a home brewer and the wife is gluten sensitive so this interested me) i would say its only considered a proprietary process because they are the only brewery that uses the product to specifically remove gluten here in the us. there are a ton of enzymes used in gluten free brewing because unlike regular brewing malts, gf malts do not contain the enzymes to convert the starch to fermentable sugar (or not enough enzymes). i think this is a great new idea and hope to add it to my home-brews . some people on a brewing forum im on have had samples tested and they were in the sub 5ppm range for gluten. they arent hiding anything they just don’t say on their website what they use

  3. I was fortunate recently to try Omission and it was absolutely wonderful – the lager was virtually the same as a gluten-full beer! WONDERFUL – can’t wait til I can find in the local store!

  4. IT IS SO GOOD. I was scared to try going gluten free so I tried their lager to make sure I wouldn’t have to give up my favorite thing in the world and it is DELICIOUS. Even if I was not gluten intolerant I would still drink it.

  5. I have been so excited to be able to drink beer again. And not just beer, gluten free beer. And not just gluten free beer, GOOD gluten free beer! My favorite used to be an amber made by a local brewery, and it was one of the things I really missed. Omission lager fills the bill. It’s every bit as good as my favorite local brew, even though not exactly the same. I highly recommend it.

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