New Gluten Free Thanksgiving Cookbook Available on Kindle

Thankfully Gluten Free Cookbook
Hi friends! I have exciting news! My first cookbook for Kindle is now available on Amazon’s Kindle store!

The cookbooks is Thankfully Gluten Free: Recipes For A Delicious Gluten Free Thanksgiving and it contains 17 of my favorite gluten free Thanksgiving recipes.

The biggest meal that I cook every year is our gluten free Thanksgiving dinner. The entire meal is gluten free, no matter who we’re eating with, and it’s always delicious. This year I decided to compile all of my Thanksgiving recipes into a cookbook for Kindle. This is partly selfish. It’s much easier to switch between recipes when they’re on my Kindle. But, I thought some of you might find it useful too, so we put the cookbook into the Kindle store.

Here’s a picture of the cover and I’ve listed all of the recipes below. Be sure to read all the way to the end of the cookbook, because the last page tells you how to get my next Kindle cookbook for free =)

Chapter 1: The Turkey and Dressing
The Best Brined Turkey
Grandmother Somerville’s Cornbread Dressing
Southern Cornbread
Thanksgiving Bread Stuffing
Finally Really Good Sandwich Bread
Cream of Mushroom Gravy

Chapter 2: The Sides
Green Bean Casserole
Mary’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup
Sweet Potato Casserole
Brown White Rice Casserole
Finally Really Good Dinner Rolls
Nine Layer Salad
Mom’s Thanksgiving Fruit Salad

Chapter 3: Dessert
Impossibly Easy Sweet Potato Pie
Easy Peasy Gluten Free Pie Crust
Chocolate Fudge Pie
Double Crust Apple Pie


  1. Debbie T. says:

    I clicked on your link but it says it’s $2.99, not free. How do I get it for free?
    Thanks so much.

  2. Went to Amazon and it is not free. It is $2.99, but your email said it was still going to be free today (Wed). Did I miss something?

    • You missed that I completely goofed Sunday night when I was setting up the Amazon free promotion =) It’s all my fault and the full details are here:

      I’m sure that I’ll laugh at this in a few years, but for now I just offer my sincerest apologies.

  3. I tried it again today (Friday) after receiving your e-mail and it still says it’s $2.99. What am I doing wrong?

    God bless you, Mary Frances–we’ve all done things on a computer that we would like to take back! I still think you are doing a fantastic job!

    • The Thanksgiving cookbook is not going to be free again before Thanksgiving, however we will be rolling out a pretty cool new free thing next very, very soon. John and I’ve been working late on it every night, and the end is within sight!

      • Hi Mary Frances,

        It’s Wednesday, but the “click here to download the book for free on Tuesday & Wednesday” still doesn’t work (i.e., the book costs $2.99).

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